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Apple iOS 12: What to Know about iOS New Notifications Feature

November 21, 2018 Annie

Notifications are key elements in the functionality of modern smartphones and other devices. It allows you to keep track of what is going on in applications that provide important information. This is especially important because such apps do not always run in the background and you can miss out on important emails and appointments if […]

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Apple iOS 12: Tips and Tricks for Group FaceTime video call on iPhone

November 19, 2018 Annie

Apple launched Group FaceTime chat when the iOS 12.1 dropped and this feature gave users the ability to host up to 31 users making it a total of 32 users altogether. iMessage also got its big break, the FaceTime feature was also consolidated with this app to make an easy change from group messaging to group […]

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iOS Tips: Use AirDrop to Share Files, Photos, Videos Between iOS Device

November 15, 2018 Annie

Sharing photos, videos, contacts and other files between iOS devices can be done in a number of ways. However, text and email remain the most popular options for most people despite the fact that it is much easier to share files using AirDrop. AirDrop is a feature introduced to the iOS platform almost a decade […]

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iOS Tips: Using the Do Not Disturb Mode on Your iPhone

November 12, 2018 Annie

Imagine a scenario where you are having a serious meeting either at a workplace or even at home and then the phone keeps on ringing. Unless it’s an emergency, such calls are not a welcome at such instances. Another scenario could be when you are sleeping. Every person loves a tranquil, peaceful, and quiet environment […]

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OnePlus 6T: Everything You Need to Know About the In-display Fingerprint

November 9, 2018 Annie

With the OnePlus 6 already a highly rated mobile device, the OnePlus 6T variant arrived with a lot of expectations. Some of the features introduced in the latest phone from OnePlus are quite eye-catching. However, the pick of the bunch is undoubtedly the in-display fingerprint sensor. It is a clear departure from the usual rear […]

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How to Transfer Phone Data from any Android to OnePlus 6T with OnePlus Switch App

November 9, 2018 Annie

Let’s say you purchased a brand new OnePlus 6T. You were using an Android phone till then which contains all your contacts, important messages and photographs etc. The question lingering in your mind is how you will be able to transfer all your data to this new OnePlus smartphone. No worries. Now there is a great app […]

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OnePlus Tips: How to Hide the Notch on OnePlus 6T

November 8, 2018 Annie

The notch has become a prominent feature in mobile devices rolled out recently with top brands especially keen to keep the trend going. On the OnePlus 6 and 6T models, the notch varies in size but it forms a part of its great functionality. It is essentially a section at the top of the display […]

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iOS Tips: 5 Best Tips and Tricks for iMessage on iPhone

November 6, 2018 Annie

More and more people are shifting to messaging as a form of communication especially for those communication types which are not urgent. In response to this trend, Apple has been on the forefront at improving the capabilities and functionalities of the iMessage feature.   The improved iMessage feature in iOS12 has made the exchange of […]

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iOS Tips: How to Set Up and Use Dual-SIM and eSIM on iPhone XS/XS Max/XR

November 4, 2018 Annie

Every smart phone user has his or her preferences, on the basis of which a user prefers a model or company over the other. For some it could be the Mp3 or sound while for others it could be the processor’s performance. But for a person who has to remain available to several people on […]

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iOS Tips: Best Ways to Use Voice Memos on Your iPhone

November 1, 2018 Annie

niOS 12 of Apple has incorporated quite a number of other interesting and useful features. Apart from the introduction of the Memoji feature, Screen Time app and improved Apple Books, another impressive feature is the Voice Memos app. The improved Voice Memos app in OS 12 ensures it offers more than just a way for you to […]

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