Android Settings

How to Use Guest Mode on Android

July 18, 2018 Annie

Guest Mode is a feature that is available in Android Lollipop 5.0 and newer versions. This is a mode that can be used when a phone’s owner hands it to another person and does not want them getting access to private data. It is no longer a matter of asking friends and family to respect […]

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How to Turn off the Camera Shutter Sound on Android

July 6, 2018 Annie

Are you annoyed and have enough of the irritating camera shutter sound on the Android OS? The simple way to get rid of it is just to disable it with some different steps. There are more than one ways of doing, So if you are looking for a solution of this irritating problem, then you are […]

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How to Download and Install Apps Outside the Google Play Store

June 29, 2018 Annie

There has never been a more straightforward and simple way to download and install Apps on your Android device other than by using the Google Play Store. However, some instances may make you seek alternative sites to download an app on your phone. One of them is when maybe you want a particular app, but you […]

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What’s NFC and How to Use NFC on Android

June 25, 2018 Annie

In this article we are going to look at what NFC is, its basics, what NFC tags are and how to make use of NFC on your Android device. Potentially, this technology has the potential to make your business and/or every day-life a little bit easier. What’s NFC Enabling NFC How to Use NFC on […]

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How to Change the LED Notification Light Colors on Android

May 28, 2018 Annie

Are you wondering what the blinking LED colors on your Android phone means? Or, do you sometimes find them too distracting, you wish to switch them off, and you do not know how? Furthermore, have you noticed that some Android phones have cool LED notification colors that are entirely different from the ones on your […]

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What is the Most Secure Way to Lock Your Android Phone

April 6, 2018 Annie

There are many ways to protect your phone from unauthorized access. These screen lock methods include Pattern, PIN, Password and FingerPrint. However every method has its own weakness. You should choose an appropriate method depending on the type of phone and how fast you need to unlock it. You should also consider to add a […]

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How to Block App Notifications on Android Phone

March 23, 2018 Annie

Phone notifications are an important part of our daily lives using our phones, especially if they are to help as realize important messages or news from our subscriptions. However some notifications are offer no sense and only serve a distraction to our concentration when we are focused on something important, and these need to be […]

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How to Set and Change Default Applications on Android

March 19, 2018 Annie

Before the development of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, a user could only set the default applications at the onset of using these applications. Changing these defaults at a later stage was quite the conundrum. However, after Android Marshmallow, the process is much simpler. The newer Android 7.0 Nougat also makes it quite easy to change these […]

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How to Block Calls and Text Messages on Android

March 12, 2018 Annie

We can be easily reached at any moment, daytime or nighttime. But sometimes we do not want to be reached by anyone or we just want to stop certain people contacting us. In case you want certain numbers calling you on your Android smartphone to be blocked, there are few efficient solutions that will guarantee […]

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How to Enable and Use Android Developer Options

March 9, 2018 Annie

Android Developer option is a clever idea since it gives a good leverage for the users to play around a bit with their devices. Why is it hidden? It is a good question but by enabling it you can unlock good additional features and tweaks. The entire feel & look of your phone can be […]

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