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[Unlock iPhone] Recovering Data from Locked iPhone

July 17, 2017 Annie

Have you ever forgot the password to unlock your iPhone? Disabled iPhone caused by wrong password is a bad thing but not the worst. You just need to do something to remove your passcode.   At least, you can first back up your phone data on your locked iPhone, and then restore your iPhone to […]

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How to Recover Data from Dead iPhone

July 15, 2017 Annie

When you are using your iPhone in a regular way, your iPhone appears such problems called “Dead iPone” that completely black screen or frozen, stuck at apple logo or “Vertifying updated iPhone software”, LED flashing but not working, cannot be turned on or started up and no display etc. You cannot switch it back on […]

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How to Recover Data from Broken iPhone

July 14, 2017 Annie

Sometimes we may lose our head due to the broken iPhone, along with all the important data. Have you experienced such a moment that you dropped your iPhone by your carelessness or something unfortunate such as being hit by someone, slipping from your hand, dropping out from pocket when running and so on? How to […]

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How to Recover Deleted Voice Memos from iPhone

July 13, 2017 Annie

Have you ever lost some of your important voice memos due to deletion by mistake, misoperation, cache data cleaning or factory reset? The lost voice memos may contain important information like the date of an important meeting or place to meet your good friends, or time of final test and so on. Maybe you can […]

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How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone

July 12, 2017 Annie

At times, we accidentally delete our notes and other important data, or lost all of the notes stored in the Notes folder on iPhone due to an unsuccessful backup, a failed iOS 13 update or a factory resetting or maybe the phone is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair. This is a nightmare most of us […]

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How to Recover Data from Frozen/Bricked iPhone

July 11, 2017 Annie

Have ever had a phone that is as good as a brick? You can do absolutely nothing with it! It remains frozen and you cannot make a call, text or even post a cool picture on Instagram. Now that is a bricked phone! Whether it is because you dropped the phone, you recently updated software or […]

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How to Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone

July 10, 2017 Annie

iPhones are the modern-day version of the video camera. It truly is fabulous technology when all you have to do is turn your mobile phone on, tap the camera app and start filming those great moments. You can get everything from one simple device. You no longer have to miss getting that fantastic memory on […]

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How to Recover Data from Water Damaged iPhone

July 8, 2017 Annie

Your iPhone is such an accessory which you always want to keep with you. No matter in which sensitive situation you are, you must always carry it with you. Sometimes, some unfortunate stances can bring harm to your iPhone like if you accidentally drop it in pool water or you may have to travel in […]

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How to Recover Deleted Data from iPhone/iPad

July 7, 2017 Annie

Losing your personal data can be devastating. This can happen to anyone, sometimes during an accident like updating your software, or just simple malfunctioning of your phone that results in loss of data or any other unfortunate situation that leads to loosing of highly sensitive data which is now trapped in the recently deleted folder […]

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How to Recover Facebook Messenger Messages from iPhone

July 6, 2017 Annie

Facebook is probably the most popular social network platform. It’s how millions of people around the world communicate with each other, share videos, comments and more. We spend so much time on social networks that it is easy to lose your messages either because you deleted them on purpose or you deleted a message without […]

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