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Tips and Tricks for Android Lock Screen

August 14, 2018 Annie

Ever heard of phone unlocks? Ever experienced the problem of unlocking your Android device? What about security? In this article we look at all Tips and Tricks for Android Lock Screen (Samsung, LG, Moto, Huawei). We look at which unlock is good and convent for you. Some people have problems with their security, where your information leaks […]

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How to unlock samsung Galaxy for Use with a Different Carrier

August 10, 2018 Annie

You can unlock your telephone whenever you wish for it. Phone unlocking, as it were, is currently lawfully admissible. There two ways of unlocking your Galaxy phones. One of them is calling the operators that you have opted for and letting them lead you through the process or taking matters into your own hands and taking […]

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3 Incredibly Effective Ways To Remotely Lock iPhone & Android

August 8, 2018 admin

There is a huge risk for your personal information to get lost in case you end up losing or misplacing your iPhone or Android device. If you realize that your iPhone or Android gadget has been left in a public place, it might be prudent to safeguard its contents until you get it safely back […]

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How to Unlock Your iPhone on AT&T with 3 Methods

August 6, 2018 Annie

When you purchase an iPhone from AT&T, it will be automatically be locked to only AT&T network. Basically, it means that you’ll be restricted to using AT&T network in that, if you put-in Other T-Mobile SIM cards on your iPhone, they will not work. However, you can unlock your iPhone if you wish to change […]

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How to Unlock Sprint iPhone with 3 Methods

August 3, 2018 Annie

Do you want to change your iPhone carrier from Sprint the third largest carrier in the United States to another new network provider? If you have bought a used iPhone tied to Sprint or you are Simply deciding to switch to another network, you will first have to unlock your iPhone. Only then can you […]

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Moving Files and Folders from Android Device to Mac

August 2, 2018 Annie

When it comes to transferring files from the Android to the Mac Os, it most at times creates issues for users. This article will alleviate those problems as much as we can. What you are going to study is how to move these files from Android to Mac with USB cable. Secondly, Remotely Move or Take […]

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How to Hide Notification on Lock Screen of iPhone and Android

July 30, 2018 Annie

The fact that the information was on the lock screen meant that anyone could get a glimpse of any message received when they looked at the phone lock screen. This defeats the purpose of the lock screen in first place, which is to prevent access to the personal and sensitive contents of your phone. To mitigate […]

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How to Use Multi Window and Pop-up View on Samsung Galaxy

July 27, 2018 Annie

The multi-window feature has been around for some time now, however with the hot new Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 infinity display design coming out, this feature is taken to a whole new level of functionality. This article will talk through how to Use Multi Window and Pop-up View on Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6, Note8/Note9. These are all […]

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How to Add Emergency Contacts to Your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

July 26, 2018 Annie

Emergency contact is a feature present in all phones, the purpose of this feature is that in case of an emergency like some accident or medical illness the first respondent can get the information about you and notify the family or call someone for help. By looking at this scenario the phone companies add this […]

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How to Record the Screen of Your iPhone or Android Device

July 23, 2018 Annie

There numerous reasons that why you may want to record the Screen of your Android phone or iPhone. One of them is playing games, helping your friend who may be having problem using the phone or sharing memorable footage. It allows you to track down the hidden options in your app settings. Recording on an […]

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