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How to Recover Data If You Forgot Android Password

September 1, 2017 Annie

“Recently I bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 and want to transfer the old phone data containing software, settings and all relevant data to my new phone, but what is bothering me is that I forgot the screen lock password of the old device. Any way to restore the data to a new mobile phone in […]

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How to Reset Android Phone When Locked

August 29, 2017 Annie

What will you do when you can’t unlock your cell phone screen? The reason for this is not to be investigated. I just want to talk about the settlement of lock screen removal. In general, we can unlock by resetting the phone. So, how to reset your Android phone e.g. Samsung Huawei LG and its password? […]

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Samsung Fingerprint Lock: Bypass Fingerprint Lock without Data Loss

August 26, 2017 Annie

Fingerprint lock is really a handy and practical way to prevent others from getting into your Samsung. But, it is unexpected that the fingerprint authentication suddenly failed. You couldn’t access to your Samsung due to the fingerprint scanner bug or the injured finger. What should you do? Come on, several ways to help you solve […]

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Samsung Lock Screen Removal: Bypass Screen Pattern, PIN, Password and Fingerprint

August 24, 2017 Annie

The main reason for setting up lock screen on your Samsung device is preventing strangers (or an acquaintance) from viewing your information or personal data. What’s more, you can prevent anyone who steals your phone from accessing your mail, pictures, videos, messages or other private data. But it may not always be contented. Assume that […]

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[Solved] Solution to Bypass Android Lock Screen Fingerprint

August 22, 2017 Annie

My Samsung decided not to recognize my fingerprint so I am locked out of it, and I don’t want to get any Google reset option or recovery mode to reset my phone, which will lose many significant documents and pictures on my phone. Now I will be asked to rescan my fingerprint every 60 min […]

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How to Unlock Android PIN without Any Data Loss

August 20, 2017 Annie

There can be many conditions when you’ll need to remove your phone’s unlock PIN:   1. Unable to enter PIN because of the crashed screen.   2. Forgot the PIN set long ago.   3. Get a second-hand device with locked screen.   4. The kids or others changed the PIN when you didn’t notice. […]

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How to Unlock LG Phone – Remove LG Lock Screen without Any Data Loss

August 17, 2017 Annie

It is often asked: I recently changed my password lock on my LG, but the chagrin is that I forgot my new password and I tried a few times guessing the code but it turned out Retry-after, stopped me from typing again. Don’t know why I think the password is the password that I just […]

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How to Break A Pattern Lock

August 14, 2017 Annie

Most Android user will set up screen pattern locks to prevent others from checking or modifying the information in their phones, protecting privacy and the security of mobile content. But what if you were the one who was turned away, just because you forgot your new pattern? Or the screen lock prevents you from continuing […]

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Remove Pattern Lock on Android without Losing Data

August 9, 2017 Annie

Pattern lock, as well as PIN/password, is very important to help us to prevent unauthorized users to access the private phone. However, it would be a big headache if you forgot your complex pattern because you haven’t used your old phone for a long time. Or maybe your kids attempt to unlock your phone with […]

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How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Phone

August 8, 2017 Annie

To unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/S4 etc. when you forget the password/pattern/PIN,  don’t be painful, there are three different ways to solve this problem: Unlock your phone with Samsung’s Find My Mobile, factory reset your phone in Recovery mode and the Lock Screen Removal Toolkit. In accordance with your specific cases and preference, choose one […]

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