How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung

December 8, 2017 Annie

When transferring the data from old Samsung to new Samsung, contact is one of the most important among the items. After a long period of accumulation, contacts certainly cannot be discarded. However, the data transfer between devices is not so easy, it is bothering to manually add them to the new Samsung one by one. […]

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How to Transfer Apps and App Data from Android to Android

November 28, 2017 Annie

Frequent replacement of mobile phones in this era is very normal, in the process of changing Android phone, it is necessary to transfer the data of the old Android phone to the new one, which will help you to handle your new Android mobile phone more quickly. With Apps and App data moved to the […]

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How to Transfer Files Between iPhone and HTC Phone

November 24, 2017 Annie

After deciding to transfer your phone data, you are looking for the best solution to transfer files from iPhone to HTC phone or from HTC phone to iPhone. The data transmission between Android and iPhone is feasible, and this time you are reading this right article about the details of the practice in transferring files […]

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How to Transfer Contacts from Sony Xperia to iPhone

November 17, 2017 Annie

Recently released iPhone 8/X shocking and yearning, you may be a lucky Android user who has been panic buying one, considering moving your Sony Xperia to iPhone, about all your data including music, video, photos, contacts, calendar and so on, to ensure no loss of anything in this process. You can transfer data to the […]

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How to Transfer Contacts from LG to iPhone

November 15, 2017 Annie

Whether you are going to use a new iPhone X/8/8 Plus or second-hand iPhone 7/6 Plus or just want to transfer contacts saved in your LG G phone to your iPhone, once you have decided to transfer contacts to an iPhone, you can be assured that the transfer will be easy referring to this post. […]

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How to Transfer Contacts from Motorola to iPhone

November 13, 2017 Annie

“I bought a new iPhone X, happy for its excellent performance and strong features. However, the long-term accelerated data on my old Motorola is so important to me so I am very expected to transfer my data from Motorola to iPhone, especially my contacts. Contact is most important to me now. Anyone can tell me […]

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One Click to Transfer Photos/Pictures from Samsung to Another Android

October 28, 2017 Annie

With the increasing resolution of smartphones, people are becoming more and more accustomed to taking photos with their phones, and day after day, our phones are gradually filled with thousands of high-definition photos. Although it is conducive to view these precious photos, it also attracted a big trouble: when we want to transfer these thousands […]

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Move to iPhone from Android without Losing Important Data

October 27, 2017 Annie

With the advent of iPhone 8/iPhone X, many Android users are ready to buy a new iPhone, then the problem comes, can the old Android phone data be transferred to the new iPhone? Because of the differences between the two operating systems, data transfer is a bit difficult for many people. Worry about the loss […]

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Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

July 26, 2017 Annie

When you change a new phone but want your WhatsApp messages located in another phone, you may raise a question that can WhatsApp Messages be transferred from iPhone to Android phone, for example, Samsung Galaxy S8? This article is going to tell you about the WhatsApp Messages transmission problems. Part 1: Can we cross platform […]

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Transfer Pictures, Videos and Music from iPhone to Galaxy

May 4, 2017 Annie

It is very common that we use our phone to take pictures, enjoy movies and listen to music, and as a result, many people have a large collection of photos, videos and music saved on their phone. Suppose you are now changing your phone from iPhone 6/6s to the latest release – Samsung Galaxy S8, […]

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