Android Backup

2 Ways to Backup Facebook Messenger Message

September 6, 2018 Annie

You will agree that there are a lot of important messages and conversations on your Facebook messenger. These messages range from workplace conversations to those messages which you exchange with your friends. There are also those messages which you exchanged with your loved ones and you treasure them with all your heart. Imagine losing such […]

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How to Download A Copy of Your Facebook Data

August 27, 2018 Annie

What would make you want to have an offline copy of your Facebook data? Imagine of this scenario: You have lost your Facebook password and you do not seem to really remember it. You try all the account recovery options provided but still you are not able to access your account. What will you do? Will […]

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How to Backup Android SMS/Text Messages to PC

August 24, 2018 Annie

Backing up text messages seems trivial, but those who have once lost important text messages know that it is the real thing. Perhaps you have some important and memorable text messages from your loved ones or business messages that you cannot afford to lose, you will act wisely by backing them up and keep losing […]

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How to backup Android Contacts to PC or Mac

August 18, 2018 Annie

Both Android and Mac have been made to be able to live in harmony and we have to thank Google for that. To make that happen, all you need is an internet connection to be able to access the Google service. It is really easy if you want to save contacts from Android phone to […]

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How to Backup Android Photos to PC or Mac

August 16, 2018 Annie

Taking pictures has been made easier with the rise of smartphones. Gone are the days when we need bulky cameras to capture even the simplest yet still memorable moments. The more we use our smartphone cameras, the more we realize how important storage capacities are. More often than not, we find ourselves deleting old photos […]

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How to Backup Photos From Android to Computer

February 5, 2018 Annie

Did you know you can transfer your photos, videos or other important files from your phone to a computer? Think of how long you would like to keep the photos you took at your graduation, birthday party, when travelling to a new destination or any significant event in your life. I know you would like […]

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How to Backup Android Phone to PC Before Factory Reset

October 9, 2017 Annie

When you need to reset your Android device to factory settings, please check out your backup first. Factory reset can wipe out all the data and settings while fixing the system issues or unlocking the device or other things. Once you reset your phone, your data couldn’t be found any more unless you had backed […]

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How to Backup Android Phone to Computer Before Rooting

October 8, 2017 Annie

Sometimes we need to root the Android device to unlock some hidden features or install some special Apps. But generally, rooting for some Android devices requires unlocking the bootloader first, which will empty all the device data to do factory settings. So, in order to make sure your data will not lose, you must back […]

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Can I Backup Samsung Galaxy Text Messages

October 6, 2017 Annie

There’s nothing worse than losing text messages that have been stored on your phone, and even the top Android phones on the market can lose data. When you perform factory updates, format the device, or mistakenly tap the delete button, your saved text messages will be lost. Preparation, though, can go a long way toward […]

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How to Backup and Restore Android Text Messages

October 4, 2017 Annie

You can’t lose important text messages stored on your Android phone, whether it’s of work or daily life. Unexpectedly in fact, the Android messages were accidentally lost for a variety of reasons, such as factory reset, water damage or being stolen, or accidental deletion. But you may never thought of backing up your SMS / […]

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