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Apple iOS 12: The Augmented Reality Measure App on iPhone

November 1, 2018 Annie

On upgrading to iOS 12, users will definitely notice a fresh addition to the Apple built-in App by the name “Measure” This App has been integrated with augmented reality sensing tools in order for it to function similar to a ruler or tape measure. This technological phenomenon allows users to measure the length and widths […]

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The 4 Best New features with Siri in iOS 12

October 23, 2018 Annie

Apple has continually improved the capabilities of their smart devices. One of the intuitive developments was the incorporation of Siri in the iOS operating system. Siri is a virtual assistant and takes voice commands from users to perform different actions on the smart devices. The utility of this new feature has been expanded and now […]

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Apple iOS 12: The Best Camera Tips and Tricks for iPhone X/XS/XR

October 22, 2018 Annie

The Apple iOS 12 brings new features to the functionality of the camera application, it allows you to change the depth of an image in real time, use Memoji and Animoji on facetime as well as an amazing enhanced photo name search function amongst others. These new additions take user experience to a whole new […]

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Apple iOS 12: How to Use Shortcuts in iOS 12 on iPhone

October 18, 2018 Annie

‘Shortcuts’ is an automation app for iOS 12. It can automate workflows and handle everything from shutting down your house to uploading photos. It’s the perfect answer to the IFTTT(If This Then That) app. You can handle multiple tasks get your work done a lot faster with Shortcuts. The Shortcuts app allows you to enter […]

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How to Customize Control Center on iPhone X, XS, and XR

October 17, 2018 Annie

The inclusion of the new control center feature in the iPhone devices which began with iOS version 11 brought about several benefits. iPhone users could easily access and control commonly used apps and functions on their devices. This was in contrast with the earlier versions where the settings functionalities could only be accessed through launching the […]

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The Best Live Photos Tips and Tricks for iPhone X/XS/XR

October 16, 2018 Annie

Live photo feature on iPhone is one of the amazing and funny features of all time. Getting a three-second moving picture on your iPhone can be a little bit tricky but once you go through this guide, you will be surprised how easy it is. All of my pictures on iPhone X camera are always […]

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Use The Files App on iPhone and iPad to Manage and Share Your Docs

October 16, 2018 Annie

The Files app is a file management application that comes with the iOS 11 and updated in iOS 12. As its name suggests, it deals with finding, sharing, and organizing files; so basically managing files. It is the native app that comes with iPhone X/XS/XS Max/XR and older devices that runs on iOS 12. What […]

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How to Transfer Content from your Previous iPhone to Your New iPhone X/XS/XR

October 12, 2018 Annie

Every year iPhone launches a new model, and its superior design and new features attract millions of Apple users and fans from the globe. This year Apple has launched iPhone X/XS/XS Max/XR. It is always worth upgrading to the new iPhone but if you have upgraded from your old iPhone to a newer model, the […]

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Apple iOS 12: The Screen Time Feature Coming to iPhone

October 11, 2018 Annie

Apple iOS 12 is doing the best in the market right now attracting and pulling customers in its zone. The screen time feature is a boon for many parents out there who are tired of their kids being around their phones 24/7. The parental control in the new iOS 12 is the support of parents to […]

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Apple iOS 12 : What’s New in The Photos App

October 10, 2018 Annie

  Apple has come up with some notable improvements in the Photos app on your iPhones and iPads in its massive iOS 12 updates. The review intends to showcase everything that has changed. Apple’s very own Photos app underwent few amazing changes in iOS 11 itself. However, iOS 12 received pretty astonishing updates too that […]

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