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How to Unlock Google Account on Android Phone

March 13, 2020 Annie

Phone security is a major concern for most Android users, that’s why they use Google lock for extra security. Google account lock is effective and very efficient. However, if anything goes wrong and you factory reset your phone, you must unlock it. This can be difficult especially if you have forgotten your login details. But […]

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How to Remove Google FRP Lock on Samsung Galaxy

March 10, 2020 Annie

Removing Google FRP lock (Google account verification) is one big concern, especially for users of Samsung Galaxy who have reset their devices for one reason or another. Even though having the Google account lock activated is very important for your Android phone, it can become very troublesome once you have forgotten your Google account password. […]

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How to Bypass Google Account Verification – FRP Lock

March 8, 2020 Annie

With the advancement of mobile technology, Android creators have created a new security feature called Factory Reset Protection(FRP). This feature renders your phone worthless once it is stolen, which is a good thing. But there’s a catch, if you ever forget the Google account information you used to activate FRP, then it becomes impossible for […]

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Google FRP Unlock – How to Remove Google Account Lock

March 8, 2020 Annie

Google lock is a very important feature on Android devices as it helps safeguard user’s information when they lose their devices. But what if you have forgotten your Google account detail? Does this mean you can’t access your information? Yes, and No- Although Google Lock can be a major pain, you can still bypass it. […]

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Tips and Tricks for Android Lock Screen

August 14, 2018 Annie

Ever heard of phone unlocks? Ever experienced the problem of unlocking your Android device? What about security? In this article we look at all Tips and Tricks for Android Lock Screen (Samsung, LG, Moto, Huawei). We look at which unlock is good and convent for you. Some people have problems with their security, where your information leaks […]

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How to unlock samsung Galaxy for Use with a Different Carrier

August 10, 2018 Annie

You can unlock your telephone whenever you wish for it. Phone unlocking, as it were, is currently lawfully admissible. There two ways of unlocking your Galaxy phones. One of them is calling the operators that you have opted for and letting them lead you through the process or taking matters into your own hands and taking […]

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Samsung Unlock Code Generators: Unlock Samsung Galaxy SIM Card

November 7, 2017 Annie

Is your phone SIM locked? Not confirmed about it? Are you not getting solution for unlocking your phone? Have you ever fooled by flop ideas to unlock your phone? Answer to all the questions are here. Locked phones are horrible problem for people as solution to this was to “FORMAT PHONE”. Phones contain values information may […]

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SIM Unlock: How to Unlock SIM Card on Android Mobile Phones

November 5, 2017 Annie

Most of the Android phones that are sold by carriers are usually locked to the carrier network and no other Sim from any other network carriers can be used. Most of the locked phones come with certain network plans of the carrier and are usually locked for 18 to 24 months of period. Once this […]

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How to Reset a Samsung Phone Forgot Password

September 9, 2017 Annie

The worst scenario you can ever find yourself in this modern world is being locked out of your smartphone. Today, having a phone is a way of life. Wait! It’s a necessity. We depend on our phone for communication, storing data, and entertainment. That why it’s easy to understand why some people become so anxious […]

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How to Get Rid of Android Lock Screen

September 7, 2017 Annie

Have you been locked out of your phone because you’ve forgotten your password or PIN? Don’t fret! This is quite normal and you’re not the first one to find yourself in this situation. Thankfully, there are numerous methods out there that can help you bypass the screen lock and still save your data. We’ve tried […]

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