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Tips and Tricks for Android Lock Screen

August 14, 2018 Annie

Ever heard of phone unlocks? Ever experienced the problem of unlocking your Android device? What about security? In this article we look at all Tips and Tricks for Android Lock Screen (Samsung, LG, Moto, Huawei). We look at which unlock is good and convent for you. Some people have problems with their security, where your information leaks […]

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How to unlock samsung Galaxy for Use with a Different Carrier

August 10, 2018 Annie

You can unlock your telephone whenever you wish for it. Phone unlocking, as it were, is currently lawfully admissible. There two ways of unlocking your Galaxy phones. One of them is calling the operators that you have opted for and letting them lead you through the process or taking matters into your own hands and taking […]

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Samsung Unlock Code Generators: Unlock Samsung Galaxy SIM Card

November 7, 2017 Annie

Is your phone SIM locked? Not confirmed about it? Are you not getting solution for unlocking your phone? Have you ever fooled by flop ideas to unlock your phone? Answer to all the questions are here. Locked phones are horrible problem for people as solution to this was to “FORMAT PHONE”. Phones contain values information may […]

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SIM Unlock: How to Unlock SIM Card on Android Mobile Phones

November 5, 2017 Annie

Most of the Android phones that are sold by carriers are usually locked to the carrier network and no other Sim from any other network carriers can be used. Most of the locked phones come with certain network plans of the carrier and are usually locked for 18 to 24 months of period. Once this […]

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How to Reset a Samsung Phone Forgot Password

September 9, 2017 Annie

Every Samsung device users are very likely to wisely choose a screen lock password to ensure the security of the device so that others are denied access to your Samsung device contents. No matter which screen lock type you choose, you may still be asked to enter your backup password sometimes especially after it restarts […]

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How to Get Rid of Android Lock Screen

September 7, 2017 Annie

Now, setup of Android lock screen is a good choice for many smart phone users to guard their phone so that others cannot easily access the data inside. You can choose a kind of screen lock, a pattern, a password, or a PIN, or even fingerprint. Many Android devices now support fingerprint scanners, to unlock […]

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4 Solutions to Reset your Android Lock Screen Password

September 5, 2017 Annie

Whether you’ve forgotten the password that you just set up long ago or just got a second-hand Android phone, maybe for a variety of reasons enumerated below, you are looking for solutions to unlock your Android lock screen and reset the password:   – The password is set by your child or someone else.   […]

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How to Remove Forgot Pattern Password on Samsung Galaxy

September 3, 2017 Annie

Forgetting the pattern password of a screen lock is a likely occurrence, annoying and maddening. But it truly happens often. What to do if you forgot the pattern password? Calm down, if you have associated a Samsung account on your Samsung Galaxy, try to unlock your screen by Samsung Find My Mobile. If you haven’t, […]

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How to Recover Data If You Forgot Android Password

September 1, 2017 Annie

“Recently I bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 and want to transfer the old phone data containing software, settings and all relevant data to my new phone, but what is bothering me is that I forgot the screen lock password of the old device. Any way to restore the data to a new mobile phone in […]

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How to Reset Android Phone When Locked

August 29, 2017 Annie

What will you do when you can’t unlock your cell phone screen? The reason for this is not to be investigated. I just want to talk about the settlement of lock screen removal. In general, we can unlock by resetting the phone. So, how to reset your Android phone e.g. Samsung Huawei LG and its password? […]

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