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Top 3 Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode

December 13, 2017 Annie

Imagine you put your iPhone into DFU mode and want to upgrade software or jailbreak your iPhone, but you find the screen is black, as if you turned it off, although it is on. You try doing everything you can, but it just isn’t working. This scenario is an example of when your iPhone is […]

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How to Fix iPhone Keep Restarting or Restart Intermittently

August 4, 2017 Annie

An iPhone user often complain that iPhone keep restarting and customer are facing issues like the device is stuck at apple logo, iPhone keep crashing intermittently, keep rebooting etc. In many cases iPhone rebooting problem is very common specially after updating to the new iOS 15 system. This can be happen because of some reasons like […]

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iPhone Won’t Turn On? Guide to Unbrick Your iPhone

August 3, 2017 Annie

If your iPhone happens to be not responding, it is often categorized as being bricked. The non-working condition of the iPhone is a common problem that can be quite annoying as you find yourself not being able to access your iPhone. For example, when someone calls, you will be able to hear your device ring […]

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How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop

August 2, 2017 Annie

If your iPhone keeps restarting, it can be categorized as either an iPhone that restarts intermittently or is stuck in a restart or reboot loop. In the latter category, time and again, there is an appearance and disappearance of the Apple logo on the screen and therefore, the phone is totally unusable. Consequently, here we […]

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4 Top Ways to Fix iPhone Screen Frozen

July 28, 2017 Annie

The most frustrating problem when operations like update or restart are done is the screen getting frozen. It frequently occurs that the screen of the iPhone becomes unresponsive every time a specific app is opened, or you try to update any of the existing apps. Display related problems like a stuck, freezing, insensitive screen in […]

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How to Fix iPhone Blue Screen of Death

July 27, 2017 Annie

Many iPhone users must have come across such a scenario were while working on some app, which is open on their screen, all of a sudden all they get to see is a blue screen ultimately leading to a reboot of their iPhones. Blue screen of death is so called (BSOD) since the user is absolutely […]

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How to Fix an iPhone/iPad/iPod Keeps Freezing

July 25, 2017 Annie

Whether it is your iPod, iPad or iPhone, there is that one time when you performed an action but the phone did not respond. You try to make a call and the iPhone does nothing. Or maybe you were playing a game and just got to the best part only for the screen to remain […]

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How to Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death

July 24, 2017 Annie

In case you’re noticing a black screen from your iPhone, and it is not switching on even after a few long presses on its Sleep/Wake button, you can presume that it’s presently experiencing the Black Screen of Death error. Black screen on iPhone occurs because of hardware or software errors. You can be stuck on black […]

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How to Recover Data from Frozen/Bricked iPhone

July 11, 2017 Annie

Have ever had a phone that is as good as a brick? You can do absolutely nothing with it! It remains frozen and you cannot make a call, text or even post a cool picture on Instagram. Now that is a bricked phone! Whether it is because you dropped the phone, you recently updated software or […]

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Top 4 Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

June 17, 2017 Annie

What exactly does it mean to have your iPhone stuck on Apple Logo and won’t turn on? Usually, when booting or rebooting your phone, it will show the Apple Logo but only for a short time and then the bootup process goes on. On the dreadful day when the iPhone gets stuck at this step, […]

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