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[Solve] Recover iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode

December 13, 2017 Annie

The DFU (Device Firmware Mode) is a critical mode that allows all the devices to be restored from any state. It is a common practice for the iOS devices to get stuck in this mode when trying either to jailbreak or update iOS; both which requires that put the device into DFU mode first. If you […]

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Fix iPhone/iPad Keeps Restarting

August 4, 2017 Annie

iPhone continuously restarts over and over and reset the phone didn’t work. iPhone keeps restarting and doesn’t turn on after updating iOS 11. Those commonly issues upset some users often. This is also called iPhone reboot loop. Instead of struggling with the screen, to know the reasons and the solution is what we need to […]

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iPhone Won’t Turn On? Guide to Unbrick Your iPhone

August 3, 2017 Annie

Make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes. iPhone system issue has various manifestations, among which that the iPhone cannot turn on is a common one. iPhone screen has a black bricked screen, even though you have charged it there is no symbol or any kind of response. It won’t turn on or […]

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How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop

August 2, 2017 Annie

until the recovery mode screen appears.”My iPhone 7 has gone into a boot loop. It won’t go into safe mode and force restarting isn’t helping. I have a lot of things on the phone I don’t want to lose (pictures of dead pets, relatives, record of work hours that haven’t been paid yet, health issues, […]

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[Fixed] iPhone Screen Frozen

July 28, 2017 Annie

Have you ever encountered screen frozen on your iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/5s/5/4s? When using an app the screen suddenly froze, when charging regular it turns hot and locked, or doing nothing the screen is frozen you and couldn’t unlock your iPhone and cannot connect to iTunes. Or you can see the screen but touch […]

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How to Fix iPhone Blue Screen of Death

July 27, 2017 Annie

To solve the Blue screen of death we are supposed to learn how it comes from. Generally speaking, Blue screen of death may often some possible issues below.   Firstly, the possibility of blue screen has a direct relation with using Keynote, Pages, Numbers and Apple iWork apps, but this issue mostly occurs in iPhone […]

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How to Fix an iPhone/iPad/iPod Keeps Freezing

July 25, 2017 Annie

Under some circumstances your iPhone/iPad come across a big headache such as being frozen, stuck at Apple logo, black screen, white Apple, being bricked, boot loop, blue screen of death etc. My iPad is stuck on the apple logo. it just shut off, and I turned it on, and the apple logo won’t go away. sometimes […]

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How to Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death

July 24, 2017 Annie

Black screen, as well as white Apple, bricked iPhone, Screen Frozen, Stuck in Apple logo, Blue Screen of Death, etc. is the common expression of dead iPhone. Black screen may happen suddenly without any hurts or abnormal use, but the death iPhone could be very terrible. Maybe when you are making calls or taking a […]

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How to Recover Data from Frozen/Bricked iPhone

July 11, 2017 Annie

Your iPhone is your trusty and trendy personal tool. It is your flamboyant partner, to be precise. so when something untoward happens, it would be optimum to learn how to fix your frozen/bricked iPhone or extract data from the dead iPhone as soon as possible. A frozen/bricked iPhone may with any of these problems:   […]

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Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

June 17, 2017 Annie

Our smart phones have become so important it’s hard to imagine doing anything without them. Now imagine your lifeline suddenly stops working; freezes right at the logo screen. Some phones are easy to reset, just remove the battery. However, iPhones are bit more complicated so we are going to go over some ways to recover […]

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