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How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from HuaWei P10

November 22, 2017 Annie

At times, you can’t help deleting some data stored to take some space in your Huawei P10/P9 when it always prompts you the insufficient memory, which may inevitably lead to accident deletion, including your important photos and videos as they take up a lot of storage space. And you may have tried to recover them […]

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How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from Motorola G5 G5s

November 20, 2017 Annie

Smartphones are essential gadgets that we cannot afford to do without. Their popularity has gained ground far and wide and anyone in possession of these devices can attest to its versatility. Most significantly, smartphones are gradually replacing cameras for the simple fact of taking photos and videos, editing and storing them in at the same […]

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How to Transfer Contacts from Sony Xperia to iPhone

November 17, 2017 Annie

Recently released iPhone 8/X shocking and yearning, you may be a lucky Android user who has been panic buying one, considering moving your Sony Xperia to iPhone, about all your data including music, video, photos, contacts, calendar and so on, to ensure no loss of anything in this process. You can transfer data to the […]

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How to Transfer Contacts from LG to iPhone

November 15, 2017 Annie

Whether you are going to use a new iPhone X/8/8 Plus or second-hand iPhone 7/6 Plus or just want to transfer contacts saved in your LG G phone to your iPhone, once you have decided to transfer contacts to an iPhone, you can be assured that the transfer will be easy referring to this post. […]

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How to Transfer Contacts from Motorola to iPhone

November 13, 2017 Annie

“I bought a new iPhone X, happy for its excellent performance and strong features. However, the long-term accelerated data on my old Motorola is so important to me so I am very expected to transfer my data from Motorola to iPhone, especially my contacts. Contact is most important to me now. Anyone can tell me […]

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How to Recover Deleted Call Log in Samsung Galaxy

November 11, 2017 Annie

To start with your question, you have to be familiar with those features Samsung has added in your Samsung Galaxy and you may not know yet, such as Samsung account backup and recovery functions. Never mind how many call logs you delete by accident or other causes, you can learn how to get them back […]

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How to Recover Deleted Call History on Android

November 9, 2017 Annie

Your call logs may be deleted manually by yourself, except that, call log has a limited storage in your phone so once the call numbers are up to storage limit, when you create new calls, some history will disappear. Sometimes when you suddenly want an important number but it was on the erased call history […]

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Samsung Unlock Code Generators: Unlock Samsung Galaxy SIM Card

November 7, 2017 Annie

Is your phone SIM locked? Not confirmed about it? Are you not getting solution for unlocking your phone? Have you ever fooled by flop ideas to unlock your phone? Answer to all the questions are here. Locked phones are horrible problem for people as solution to this was to “FORMAT PHONE”. Phones contain values information may […]

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SIM Unlock: How to Unlock SIM Card on Android Mobile Phones

November 5, 2017 Annie

Most of the Android phones that are sold by carriers are usually locked to the carrier network and no other Sim from any other network carriers can be used. Most of the locked phones come with certain network plans of the carrier and are usually locked for 18 to 24 months of period. Once this […]

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How to Root A Motorola/Moto Droid Device

November 3, 2017 Annie

Motorola is a very popular and widely used brand across the globe. Many users prefer Motorola over other brands for its stock Android experience and its smooth interface. But in order to utilize all its features it requires to be rooted. Though rooting a Moto device makes its warranty void and also has security issues. […]

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