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Can I Backup Samsung Galaxy Text Messages

October 6, 2017 Annie

There’s nothing worse than losing text messages that have been stored on your phone, and even the top Android phones on the market can lose data. When you perform factory updates, format the device, or mistakenly tap the delete button, your saved text messages will be lost. Preparation, though, can go a long way toward […]

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How to Backup and Restore Android Text Messages

October 4, 2017 Annie

You can’t lose important text messages stored on your Android phone, whether it’s of work or daily life. Unexpectedly in fact, the Android messages were accidentally lost for a variety of reasons, such as factory reset, water damage or being stolen, or accidental deletion. But you may never thought of backing up your SMS / […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Rooting Your Android

October 2, 2017 Annie

In general, rooting is a way of unlocking the operating system of an Android smartphone. It will help to install applications, remove any unwanted application and update the operating system. Moreover, you can also customize many things in your smartphone. It is like breaking jail. When you will root your device, it will allow to […]

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4 Ways to Backup Android Contacts with Ease

September 29, 2017 Annie

In the new period of technology, even high-end Android device may also lose the data because of bad updates, malicious software, or other unforeseen reasons for missing data, including your contact list. Therefore, you had better make timely data backup of Android contacts. Because regular backup lets you easily recover, so even you accidentally deleted […]

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One Click to Root Your Android Phone

September 27, 2017 Annie

Your Android smartphone may have wonderful features to offer but do you really think that you are benefiting from all of them without any restraint? If not, then you are missing something significant. Every smartphone has some inherent restraints put on it by the manufacturer or carrier. These restrictions permit the users to access all […]

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How Do You Gain Root Access on Android

September 25, 2017 Annie

Have you ever wanted total customisation control of your Android device and change the very make-up of your operating system? If the answer is yes, then read on through this tutorial and we will explain, in detail, what software you need to get the job done and how to go about gaining root access on […]

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One Click to Backup Samsung Photos to Computer

September 22, 2017 Annie

If you have a Samsung Galaxy smart phone, and you are a camera person, like to record life, or is very fond of self-timer, then you must have a picture on your phone, but also a lot of photos. However, device memory is limited, and you can store these photos including screenshots on your phone […]

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How Do I Wipe My Samsung Galaxy

September 20, 2017 Annie

Data on your Samsung Galaxy include bank information, login accounts, E-mail and more confidential information that cannot be divulged. Sometimes you want to delete some data in order to secure your privacy, so you can tap the delete button or perform factory reset, or use your Google account to delete. However, you probably don’t know […]

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How to Backup & Restore WhatsApp Messages on Android

September 18, 2017 Annie

Nowadays, many people prefer to use WhatsApp to communicate with others, whether at work or in life, because it is free and easy to use. You may use it every day to chat with your friends, or use it to negotiate with customers, no matter what kind of purpose, you have some very important information […]

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Backup and Sync Samsung Galaxy Photos With Google Account

September 14, 2017 Annie

The way we document our lives and communicate with each other has changed a great deal in the last decade because of the evolution of smartphone technology. Not only do we use our smartphones to call each other, send each other messages, chat with each other in real-time and even share videos. There are probably […]

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