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How to Backup Photos From Android to Computer

February 5, 2018 Annie

Did you know you can transfer your photos, videos or other important files from your phone to a computer? Think of how long you would like to keep the photos you took at your graduation, birthday party, when travelling to a new destination or any significant event in your life. I know you would like […]

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How to Move Photos, Videos, Files and Apps to SD card

February 2, 2018 Annie

What will you do then, if you are on a vacation and have a lot of pictures to click? In most cases you are not carrying your other devices to move your pictures to that? What if you are on a long journey and would like to have as much music or movie of your […]

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How to Back up and Sync Photos from Android to Cloud

January 31, 2018 Annie

As the use of smart phones keeps increasing, so does the need for storage capacities. This need is enhanced when it comes to pictures because people have adapted to using their phones to take pictures that hold memories and s such, these pictures become very valuable. Cloud storage such as Google Photos and Dropbox offers […]

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Common Causes of Battery Drains too Fast and How to Extend Battery Life

January 29, 2018 Annie

When you go out to buy a new phone one of the qualities you expect you preferred phone to is a sustainable battery. A good phone battery will not only keep your user activities sustained but will also save you money that would be used for battery replacement or buying a replacement phone. It will […]

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How to Transfer Files between Android Phone and Flash Drive via OTG

January 26, 2018 Annie

The use of Android phones to transfer files using a USB cable is usually simple to all users. This becomes more challenging when it involves using a flash drive and an OTG cable instead, especially to those who are novice computer users. An On the Go cable is a device that allows communication between mobile […]

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How to Use Do Not Disturb Mode on Samsung Galaxy

January 24, 2018 Annie

The Do Not Disturb mode is a feature on the Samsung Galaxy and Note phones that allows you to take control of alerts and notifications you get on your phone, at specific times. For example, if your phone is constantly interrupting your sleep with notifications, calls and messages that are not urgent you can turn […]

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How to Move Apps on Your Android Phone to an SD Card

January 22, 2018 Annie

When buying a new Android phone, storage space is one of the important factors one has to consider. Most of these devices come with less than 32GB of internal memory, and a large chunk of that is taken up by the OS and preloaded software. The remaining storage isn’t really enough to save lots of […]

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Different Ways to Share Photos from Your Android Phone

January 19, 2018 Annie

Photo sharing is a booming trend across the mobile platforms nowadays with all the manner of services that have been popping up almost on a regular basis. Here we will discuss some coolest ways to share your photos or videos with your Android phone which will be highly effective tutorial specially for the newbies. Solution […]

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How to Reboot or Force Restart your Android Device

January 17, 2018 Annie

The best way to boost your Android device speeds and to clear its memory is to reboot or restart it. Restarting or rebooting also helps in fixing minor issues, such as crashing apps, going blank, or becoming unresponsive. It’s therefore wise to know how to reboot or reset your Android device. This way you won’t […]

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How to Soft Reset or Hard Reset Your Android Device

January 15, 2018 Annie

Our mobile phones vary from design and functionality. These devices are specially made to assist us in many tasks personally. Just like any technology it breaks down or hangs on you when you need it the most, You might not have time to take it to an expert since they often break down when you […]

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