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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tips: 5 Best Features of the New Bluetooth S Pen

December 17, 2018 Annie

You might know that the Galaxy Note 9 is the most powerful phone on the market today. You get all the fantastic capabilities in one slim and elegant package. It has large memory capacity, followed by strong ram capabilities, incredible cameras front and back, and an S Pen. The S Pen is included when you […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tips: How to Create Your Own Edge Panels

December 14, 2018 Annie

The Edge panel feature incorporated into the home screen or display of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the interesting features offered by this phone model. The Edge panel is used for the purpose of accessing frequently used apps, contacts, tasks, and view news and sports apart from accessing other varieties of information […]

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6 Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of OnePlus 6T Camera

December 12, 2018 Annie

The OnePlus camera is packed with incredible capabilities. This said, most users don’t utilize all these features. This is attributed to lack of knowledge on how to take advantage of these features. Most Smartphone camera users will agree that there are certain camera functions which they don’t have an idea of how they are used. […]

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OnePlus 6T Tips: How to use Quick Launch Apps and Shortcuts on Lock Screen

December 10, 2018 Annie

Have you ever wanted to just pull out your phone and launch Chrome without barely having to do anything? Like when you’re driving down the road and you all of a sudden remember that you almost forgot to order that Organic Chinese triple stacked super vanilla ice cream carrot parrot cake with naturally derived sprinkles […]

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OnePlus 6T Tips: How to Hide Apps in Hidden Space on OnePlus 6T

December 7, 2018 Annie

OnePlus 6T has a wide array of exciting features. One of these is the “Hide Apps” feature which enables the OnePlus 6T users to hide some of the apps from the app list interface. Surprisingly, most of the users are not aware of some of these amazing features. If you would like to get more […]

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OnePlus 6T Tips: The Hidden Gestures You Need to Know on OnePlus

December 5, 2018 Annie

OnePlus has incorporated amazing gestures on their OnePlus 6T model. If you love convenience which comes with using an intuitive device and quick navigations, then you need to master these gestures. Not only will these gestures help you to quickly navigate the user interface but they will also make the user interface appear fancier. Gesture-based […]

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OnePlus 6T Tips: How to Use the Alert Slider on OnePlus 6T

December 3, 2018 Annie

OnePlus 6T retains most of the features which made the previous models stand out while adding even more amazing features. If you are thrilled by this phone, then there are several features you need to accustom yourself with. One of these is the alert slider. The alert slider will help you control the sound and […]

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OnePlus 6T Tips: How Does Face Unlock work? Is That Safety?

November 30, 2018 Annie

Face recognition technology is designed to enable a system to correctly identify the face of a person. The technology uses a set of algorithms which compares the various facial features, their size, and distance from one another to make an intelligent decision on the identity of such a face. Such scanned features are compared to […]

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iOS Tips: Use Reminders and Calendar on Your iPhone To Help Manage Your Hectic Life

November 28, 2018 Annie

There’s so much going on in our daily lives that it is so difficult to keep up with everything without missing a beat. This is the reason why personal and virtual assistants have become useful components for individuals and companies looking to stay up to date with their operations, appointments, meetings and other events. You […]

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iOS Tips: How To Set Up Parental Controls For Your Child On iPhone

November 23, 2018 Annie

In this era of technological improvements and advancements, we as parents find ourselves helpless and compelled before our children. But the same technology allows us to take control of what our children can access and what not. All it requires is a handful of knowledge and awareness about the systems and technology.   To keep […]

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