Android Troubleshooting

How to Fix Bluetooth Connection Issues on Android Phone

April 2, 2018 Annie

Bluetooth has provided an effective, efficient and smooth connectivity wireless process that has been user-friendly in their daily ergonomics. Bluetooth has revolutionized the way smartphones can communicate with other accessories, devices like Bluetooth earphone or speaker, sound systems, gamepad, and televisions can be put to use this technology. This guide will simplify your troubleshooting process. How to Connect […]

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How to Find and Lock, Erase your Lost or Stolen Android Phone

March 28, 2018 Annie

With all the information stored on our phones and all the added functions we need them to perform, it can be devastating to lose it or have it stolen. However, Android has stepped in with a lifesaving app that allows you to find your phone if it is misplaced, lock it so that no one […]

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Why Android Phone Overheat and How to Cool Down

March 26, 2018 Annie

There are many causes of overheating on Android phones including but not limited to the processor heating, the battery and the screens. However, it is important to note that not all times the overheating of the phone is a major concern. The users of the phones should, therefore, be observant enough to be able to […]

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How To Fix An Android Phone Unable to Send or Receive SMS

February 28, 2018 Annie

If your Android phone is not able to send or receive messages, it can be very frustrating. It can cause trouble for you at work. It can also cause misunderstandings with friends and family. But getting your phone fixed at a repair center can be expensive, especially if the warranty has already expired. Not everybody has […]

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Can’t Make or Receive Calls on Android Phone, How to Fix It

February 26, 2018 Annie

With an Android, making and receiving phone calls is immensely easier. You get connected with the other contact within fractions of a second. But, several users keep complaining about the instances when they can’t make or receive calls on Android phone. At such moments, it is extremely annoying when you see everyone around being busy […]

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How to Fix a Wet or Water Damaged Android Phone

February 23, 2018 Annie

Due to their portable nature, phones are destined to come into contact with water in their short lifespans. One of the most prevalent forms of phone damage, water is inevitable, be it from shower selfies to swimming pool photography. Some of them have even evolved to operate underwater. So your phone slipped into the pool, […]

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How to Fix Wi-Fi Connection Issues on Android Phones

February 21, 2018 Annie

Is your Android phone having Wi-Fi connection issues? Do you see an exclamation mark on the Wi-Fi icon? Or maybe your Wi-Fi authentication has failed and you just can’t get connected. It’s quite embarrassing, isn’t it? But there should be no cause of alarm. By the time you are through with this article you will be […]

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How to Fix Android Black Screen of Death

February 16, 2018 Annie

Androids have become one of the most popular mobile phones and tablets in the market today. In today’s world, not all smartphones and tablets are perfect and safe from bugs including the annoying Android Black Screen of Death. This has become the worst problem for phone users since the Windows’ Blue Screen of Death. Fortunately […]

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How to Fix Android Phone That Won’t Charge

February 14, 2018 Annie

Since Android phones run all day every day, 24/7, they are bound to have issues. We will talk about one problem in particular, the draining of your battery. The battery of your smartphone drains with continuous usage and requires a recharge with the power supply that is provided with the phone. But what will happen if […]

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What to Do When Your Android Phone is Frozen and Won’t Turn off

February 12, 2018 Annie

It is always a headache when you are trying to reply to an important work email or catching up on your favorite game and suddenly your Android phone gets frozen. We have all been there and it not only disrupts our work or progress on the phone but also kills the mobile experience. Our smartphone […]

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