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Transfer iOS WhatsApp Message to iOS/Android

With the development of economy and technology, it is not surprising that a person has more than one device or gets a new device in place of the old device because of the job demand or personal preference, and since the WhatsApp becomes so prevalent that many of us may store some precious data inside the app and reluctant to drop it when switching devices. So I recommend you use this program, which enables you to selectively or integrally transfer your WhatsApp chat history between your iPhone and iPad or WhatsApp conversations from iPhone/iPad to your new Android device. The WhatsApp items that can be transmitted effortlessly include everything like texts, photos as well as attachments.

Transfer iOS Whatsapp Message

Backup or Export iOS WhatsApp Conversations

The process of your WhatsApp history’s backup is regarded as much more convenient than ever before when using this app. There are only two major steps: Connect your iPhone/iPad and click on your computer. It is amazing that the backup will work by itself, which means it will be automatically processed during the entire process after you give direction. In addition, you can preview and check all details in your WhatsApp backup file and export them to your computer as an HTML file for reading or printing.

Backup or Export iOS Whatsapp

Restore WhatsApp Backup to iOS/Android Devices

When talking about processing the WhatsApp backup files, you could choose to delete them from your computer if you are reluctant to keep them, or you could choose to restore them to your iPhone/iPad or Android devices on account of your actual needs. This program helps you deal with your WhatsApp backup with just one click.

Restore Whatsapp Backup to iOS

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