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How to Fix Android Black Screen of Death

February 16, 2018 Annie

Today, Androids are the most famous device in the market. They’re not only powerful and fast but also safe from bugs and viruses. Unfortunately, some devices fall victim to the annoying Android Black Screen of Death. This issue could be because of several reasons that we will discuss later in the article. Black Screen of Death […]

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What to Do When Your Android Phone is Frozen and Won’t Turn off

February 12, 2018 Annie

Although we love and enjoy using our Android phone, sometimes things go wrong and we’re left with a frozen screen. The several issues that can cause your phone to freeze. Maybe you’ve downloaded a corrupted app, or maybe your hardware is just old. Either way, being in such a situation can frustrate, since you can’t use […]

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How to Reboot or Force Restart your Android Device

January 17, 2018 Annie

The best way to boost your Android device speeds and to clear its memory is to reboot or restart it. Restarting or rebooting also helps in fixing minor issues, such as crashing apps, going blank, or becoming unresponsive. It’s therefore wise to know how to reboot or reset your Android device. This way you won’t […]

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How to Exit Android Factory Mode

December 29, 2017 Annie

If your device displays a pop-up message with a transparent black background and yellow text with info about your phone like storage, camera, PDA, SCS or Battery level, it means you are factory mode. The factory mode can be activated when the EFS partition is corrupted in the event one installs custom ROMs or bad […]

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Fix Android Stuck at System Recovery

December 27, 2017 Annie

“Android System Recovery” or “Android Recovery Mode” is actually a recovery console present in smartphones which allow users get the phone out of some troubles. It can turn out to fix your system problems, wipe data and partition cache, install system update or flash a custom ROM, unlock the bootloader or root your phone. Though this mode […]

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How to Turn off Safe Mode on Android

December 25, 2017 Annie

It can be valuable knowing how to enter safe mode on Android if you think there are problems with your phone. We can provide simple steps to show you how to turn on safe mode on Android phones, especially for common brands like LG, Moto, and Samsung. We also have the steps for how to […]

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Android Stuck in Download Mode [Fixed]

December 21, 2017 Annie

Samsung Download mode is also called Odin mode and as the name suggests. It is used to flash Samsung firmware (Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/Note8/Note5/Note 4 etc.) by using Odin or other desktop software. Although it is fairly easy to get into and out of the Samsung download mode, there are times when your device may get […]

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How to Reset Samsung Device in Recovery Mode

December 19, 2017 Annie

If your Samsung device is suffering from slowdowns or glitches and you can’t solve it,  your best option is to turn to recovery mode. Recovery mode allows you to fix any underlying issues affecting your phone functionality.  With its help, you can get your phone up and running in a matter of minutes.  Discover how […]

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How to Exit Android Recovery Mode

December 17, 2017 Annie

Recovery mode is actually a bootable partition inside the Android phone that comes with an installed recovery console. Once you’ve entered the mode you can manually update the system software, clearing the cache partition or unlock the bootloader and root your device. But sometimes even Recovery Mode gets stuck, or your phone just refuses to boot […]

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How to Enter and Exit Recovery Mode on Android

December 15, 2017 Annie

Although most users never attempt to fix Android technological problems (Android bricked, death, phone keep restarting, App flashback) it is often possible. For users of most makes and models of Android phone, it isn’t as complicated as you might first imagine fixing a range of problems. When the phone becomes unresponsive or is affected by […]

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