How to Unroot Your Android Phone

March 2, 2018 Annie

With Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy, LG, Moto, Sony Xperia, Google Pixel) owners rooting has been quite a popular mechanism, but it also has its downfalls. Yes it gives you access to an array of apps and features you failed to possess before, and allows you to unlock some of the prized possibilities that Androids can […]

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How to Root Sony Xperia with or without Computer

December 6, 2017 Annie

Would you like to know how to Root Sony Xperia with or without computer? Well the following article will tell you everything that you may need to take into account and all the information needed to safely and easily gain root access to your Sony Xperia XZ/XZS/Z5/Z3/Z2/Z1 mobile phone. In the following article I will […]

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How to Unlock the Bootloader and Root HTC One

December 4, 2017 Annie

Are you one of those technology bugs who loves exploring new gadgets? Wait! I am not going to talk only about the smart phones and their features. Do you want your HTC one Smartphone to act like a super gadget with the advanced functions and the apps you cannot get with the regular Smartphone. So, […]

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How to Jailbreak A Motorola/Moto G Phone

December 2, 2017 Annie

Moto G is one of the most widely used smartphones Motorola has ever made. It is full of incredibly useful features that will allow you to gain the level of functionality that modern life requires. Of course, to properly use its features and take full advantage of the incredible processing power the Moto G has […]

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Full Guide on How to Root Google Nexus/Pixel Phone

November 30, 2017 Annie

Gaining access to change or alter even the simplest things on your Android device or Google Nexus phone is a superpower that most of us desire. As a user, you simply sign in and are allowed to do certain things on your phone based on your user permissions. But won’t it be nice to have […]

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How to Root A Motorola/Moto Droid Device

November 3, 2017 Annie

Motorola is a very popular and widely used brand across the globe. Many users prefer Motorola over other brands for its stock Android experience and its smooth interface. But in order to utilize all its features it requires to be rooted. Though rooting a Moto device makes its warranty void and also has security issues. […]

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How to Root your LG phones (LG G6/G5/G4/G3/V30/V20/V10)

November 1, 2017 Annie

If you are looking for some best alternative to root your LG Android phone with full safety, this article will help you surely. LG manufacturer sells various quality Android phones and trusted by millions of users. Most of the Android phone manufacturers sell their phones with certain restrictions and they don’t let you access everything […]

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2 Solutions to Root Samsung Note

October 18, 2017 Annie

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, being the best Android out in the market from the Samsung manufacturer, is used by many users all over the world. Having an Android phone is sure a good thing. Being able to access all its features, on the other hand, is quite an amazing experience. Well, how can you achieve […]

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3 Ways to Root Samsung Galaxy S Safely and Easily

October 16, 2017 Annie

No matter what current Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/S4 phone you might have at the moment, there are many advantages that come with rooting your mobile device, such as gaining full control over the phone’s system, getting rid of the unwanted applications, overcoming its limitations and adding additional functions. Of course, such a thing should always be […]

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How Can I Get Samsung Root Permission

October 15, 2017 Annie

The operating system Android has become very popular and has found its way into major smart phones and devices of today. Rooting your phone basically, means overtaking the full control on it. You get Superuser control over your phone. You get to use features of your phone which was previously present but were locked to […]

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