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How to Get Great Sound From Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

January 8, 2019 Annie

When it comes to great sound, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 promises the very best. This phone comes fitted with stereo speakers, Dolby Atmos and dual audio among other features aimed at ensuring its users get the best possible audio. Even with all these, you may find that the Note 9 is not giving the […]

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How to Connect 2 Bluetooth Speakers or Headphones to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at the Same Time

January 4, 2019 Annie

Most smartphones come with Bluetooth audio capabilities. Once a device is paired with your smartphone, you can easily stream music from your smartphone to that device. But a big number of smartphone models do not support Bluetooth audio streaming to more than 1 device at once. However, if you are using Samsung Galaxy Note 9, […]

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How to Customize the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Always On Display

January 2, 2019 Annie

When the screen of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is turned off, a small area or section stays light up and that has been made possible due to the AMOLED displays use. The always on display function is triggered immediately you turn off the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen. This area continues to show pertinent information […]

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5 Tips and Tricks to Save Your Battery on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

December 31, 2018 Annie

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with amazing features which far surpass most of the other smartphone models. The innovative features integrated into this device make it be a sought-after smartphone among tech enthusiasts. The features are powerful enough to make you stay glued to its screen for hours just exploring its different capabilities and deceptively […]

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How to Set Up Edge Lighting Notifications for Samsung Note 9

December 29, 2018 Annie

Tired of frequent screen interferences when enjoying your favorite games on your galaxy? The edge lighting technology on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the solution to your troubles. Once you set it, the edges of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will light up for notification. We are going to look at how to set up […]

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How to Use Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as Wi-Fi Hotspot

December 27, 2018 Annie

Smartphones have revolutionized the way people carry out their day to day activities. One area where smartphones have had a significant influence is on the internet access. The advent of smartphones with internet connectivity capabilities increased the number of people who could connect to the internet, reduced the challenges involved in retrieving online information, and […]

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How Can I Hide the Navigation Bar on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

December 25, 2018 Annie

There are various key settings options that are available for you to change especially when you start using your brand-new Samsung Note 9 for the first time. This has been made possible in a great way thanks to the adoption of the Infinity Display technology by Samsung last year. This new display technology has not […]

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How to Use Blue Light Filter Feature on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

December 23, 2018 Annie

Digital screens emit light which facilitates the proper display of graphics and characters on the screen. Though this light is useful for proper rendering of the different graphics on the screen, it has its downside. The light emitted by these screens has the potential of harming the eye and creating long-term vision complications. This said, […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tips: How to Use AR Emoji on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

December 21, 2018 Annie

Apple and Samsung for years have been trying to outdo each other in as far as the introduction of new smartphone features is concerned. If a particular company introduces a new smartphone feature, then the other one will quickly respond by introducing almost a similar feature. It is therefore of no surprise that Samsung has […]

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How to Use Dual Account for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

December 17, 2018 Annie

Sometimes you may not want to mess up your Facebook or WhatsApp account for work with your personal account. That is because you may want to be presented differently in social media platforms to friends, parents, teachers or supervisors. While some Android apps support the use of multiple profiles, there are also other apps that […]

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