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How to Unlock Android PIN without Any Data Loss

August 20, 2017 Annie

There can be many conditions when you’ll need to remove your phone’s unlock PIN:   1. Unable to enter PIN because of the crashed screen.   2. Forgot the PIN set long ago.   3. Get a second-hand device with locked screen.   4. The kids or others changed the PIN when you didn’t notice. […]

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How to Unlock LG Phone

August 17, 2017 Annie

It is often asked: I recently changed my password lock on my LG, but the chagrin is that I forgot my new password and I tried a few times guessing the code but it turned out Retry-after, stopped me from typing again. Don’t know why I think the password is the password that I just […]

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How to Break A Pattern Lock

August 14, 2017 Annie

Most Android user will set up screen pattern locks to prevent others from checking or modifying the information in their phones, protecting privacy and the security of mobile content. But what if you were the one who was turned away, just because you forgot your new pattern? Or the screen lock prevents you from continuing […]

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Remove Pattern Lock on Android without Losing Data

August 9, 2017 Annie

Pattern lock, as well as PIN/password, is very important to help us to prevent unauthorized users to access the private phone. However, it would be a big headache if you forgot your complex pattern because you haven’t used your old phone for a long time. Or maybe your kids attempt to unlock your phone with […]

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How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Phone

August 8, 2017 Annie

To unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/S4 etc. when you forget the password/pattern/PIN,  don’t be painful, there are three different ways to solve this problem: Unlock your phone with Samsung’s Find My Mobile, factory reset your phone in Recovery mode and the Lock Screen Removal Toolkit. In accordance with your specific cases and preference, choose one […]

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How to UnLock Android Phone without Password

August 7, 2017 Annie

That must be a time many of you came across: your phone is locked by a forgotten password thus you can use it doing nothing without password. Naturally we are going to answer this question: how to unlock your Android phone when you forgot the PIN/password/pattern/fingerprint? or how to remove the lock screen from Android […]

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Fix iPhone/iPad Keeps Restarting

August 4, 2017 Annie

iPhone continuously restarts over and over and reset the phone didn’t work. iPhone keeps restarting and doesn’t turn on after updating iOS. Those commonly issues upset some users often. This is also called iPhone reboot loop. Instead of struggling with the screen, to know the reasons and the solution is what we need to do. […]

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iPhone Won’t Turn On? Guide to Unbrick Your iPhone

August 3, 2017 Annie

Make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes. iPhone system issue has various manifestations, among which that the iPhone cannot turn on is a common one. iPhone screen has a black bricked screen, even though you have charged it there is no symbol or any kind of response. It won’t turn on or […]

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How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop

August 2, 2017 Annie

until the recovery mode screen appears.”My iPhone 7 has gone into a boot loop. It won’t go into safe mode and force restarting isn’t helping. I have a lot of things on the phone I don’t want to lose (pictures of dead pets, relatives, record of work hours that haven’t been paid yet, health issues, […]

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How to Recover Photos from iCloud Backup

August 1, 2017 Annie

Regretful things always happen, for instance, accidentally deleted your photos or videos due to a careless finger slide. You may have tried to recover them from iCloud backup but the iCloud storage is almost full and you can just find some of your photos. Or you might try to restore the pictures without messing up […]

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