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How to Take Samsung Galaxy Screenshoot and Share, View and Edit

March 16, 2018 Annie

Samsung Galaxy has unlimited capabilities of taking screenshots. And what is good you can be able not only to view the screenshot but also to edit it and share it with over the various available social media platforms. This page features Samsung Galaxy screenshots. How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy How to View […]

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Hide and Encrypt Your Photos, Files, and Apps Using Samsung Secure Folder

March 14, 2018 Annie

Samsung has recently added a new feature to its phone in order to hide and encrypt your personal data. Samsung secure folder (Knox) is a special feature present in Samsung Galaxy S/Note/A Series (Samsung S9/S8/S7, Note 8, A9/A7/A5). It is like a personal space on your smartphone that has been encrypted to hold data and […]

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How to Block Calls and Text Messages on Android

March 12, 2018 Annie

We can be easily reached at any moment, daytime or nighttime. But sometimes we do not want to be reached by anyone or we just want to stop certain people contacting us. In case you want certain numbers calling you on your Android smartphone to be blocked, there are few efficient solutions that will guarantee […]

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How to Enable and Use Android Developer Options

March 9, 2018 Annie

Android Developer option is a clever idea since it gives a good leverage for the users to play around a bit with their devices. Why is it hidden? It is a good question but by enabling it you can unlock good additional features and tweaks. The entire feel & look of your phone can be […]

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How to Share a Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android Phone

March 7, 2018 Annie

How to share your Android phone’s mobile data connection with laptops, tablets and other devices. It is quite easy to establish a Wi-Fi hotspot if one is intending to share phone’s data connection with some other devices such as a tablet, PC or even Mac. Android possesses various Wi-Fi capabilities and the ways in which it […]

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How to Connect Android Phone to Computer

March 5, 2018 Annie

Android USB Connection options: MTP, PTP, MIDI Connecting Android Phone to PC or Mac Instructions While Connecting to a Mac How to Set MTP Mode as Default USB Connection Type Android USB Connection options: MTP, PTP, MIDI To connect your Android phone to a computer, you have to tell your phone what kind of a […]

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How to Unroot Your Android Phone

March 2, 2018 Annie

With Android Phone owners rooting has been quite a popular mechanism, but it also has its downfalls. Yes it gives you access to an array of apps and features you failed to possess before, and allows you to unlock some of the prized possibilities that Androids can have, but it’s not without its cons. Rooting your […]

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How To Fix An Android Phone Unable to Send or Receive SMS

February 28, 2018 Annie

If your Android phone is not able to send or receive messages, it can be very frustrating. It can cause trouble for you at work. It can also cause misunderstandings with friends and family. But getting your phone fixed at a repair center can be expensive, especially if the warranty has already expired. Not everybody has […]

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Can’t Make or Receive Calls on Android Phone, How to Fix It

February 26, 2018 Annie

With an Android, making and receiving phone calls is immensely easier. You get connected with the other contact within fractions of a second. But, several users keep complaining about the instances when they can’t make or receive calls on Android phone. At such moments, it is extremely annoying when you see everyone around being busy […]

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How to Fix a Wet or Water Damaged Android Phone

February 23, 2018 Annie

Due to their portable nature, phones are destined to come into contact with water in their short lifespans. One of the most prevalent forms of phone damage, water is inevitable, be it from shower selfies to swimming pool photography. Some of them have even evolved to operate underwater. So your phone slipped into the pool, […]

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