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How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages with iCloud on iPhone

May 21, 2018 Annie

WhatsApp backup with iCloud can enable you to restore your chat on your new iPhone or retrieve messages that you might have deleted in the past and currently require it. The process might be hard but once you have the full process and follow it keenly retrieving your messages will not be as hard as […]

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How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages with Google Drive on Android

May 18, 2018 Annie

WhatsApp has become a vital source of information in the modern world. It provides various means of communication such as Chats, Video Calls, and Voice Calls. At times, it becomes very important to store such communication and retrieve as and when required. Retrieval becomes difficult when we reinstall WhatsApp or start using a new phone. […]

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Make Important WhatsApp Message Easy to Locate – How to Quote Messagse and Star Messages

May 16, 2018 Annie

Quoting messages on WhatsApp chats can be a very useful resource, as groups become active in the blink of an eye, and it soon it becomes difficult to keep track of all the message that were exchanged in that session. Quoting WhatsApp messages is a helpful trick that can help you keep track of messages. […]

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How to Archive WhatsApp Message on iPhone and Android

May 14, 2018 Annie

Have you ever had a conversation with your friends on chat or WhatsApp Message and wish to go through it again and again? Well with the coming of smartphones, this has been made possible as people who enjoy chatting for long hours can go through these messages over and over again to keep the good […]

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How to Send Disappearing Photos and Videos as WhatsApp Status on iPhone and Android

May 12, 2018 Annie

The developers of WhatsApp has introduced a new feature which gives an opportunity to users to upload videos and pictures as their status on WhatsApp wall. This helps the user to send sent his/her message in the form of text, video or picture to reach all the people he knows. The concerned community then clicks […]

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How to Transfer Files on WhatsApp on iPhone or Android

May 9, 2018 Annie

Before, it was stressful to transfer files on Whatsapp using Andoids and iPhone but now with the new and advanced technology, anything is possible. With the new version of Whatsapp, you can easily transfer files (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, Keynot) by following these simple and easy steps that I’m about to provide here. Your file […]

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How to Record Long Voice Message in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

May 7, 2018 Annie

WhatsApp has undergone a lot of improvements in recent times to try and improve the user experience. This article clearly looks ways in which you can record long messages on WhatsApp with ease. This new feature allows you to lock your voice message so that you can record it with ease. To access this feature, you […]

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Improving Security and Privacy In WhatsApp For iPhone and Android

May 4, 2018 Annie

It is obvious that none will wish to disclose his/her private WhatsApp chats to someone else. It will be an unpleasant surprise to realize that there is a person who has hacked into your account and read all the chats. To avoid these issues you need to enable the two-step verification in WhatsApp for your […]

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How to Set Custom Ringtones for Individual WhatsApp Chat on Android and iPhone

May 2, 2018 Annie

Did you ever want to get rid of that disturbing same tone you hear at every single call, text, email? Have you ever thought about how many times you open the smartphone screen just to see that there are no important messages? It could be stressful sometimes, but did you know you could change it? […]

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How to Use WhatsApp Broadcast on Android and iPhone

April 30, 2018 Annie

WhatsApp Broadcast or Broadcast list allows users to send a single message to many different users at the same time on Android and iPhone. For a sender, this feature quite useful as it eliminates the need to send messages to different people one at a time thereby saving a lot of time in the process. For […]

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