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3 Ways to Root Samsung Galaxy S Safely and Easily

October 16, 2017 Annie

No matter what current Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/S4 phone you might have at the moment, there are many advantages that come with rooting your mobile device, such as gaining full control over the phone’s system, getting rid of the unwanted applications, overcoming its limitations and adding additional functions. Of course, such a thing should always be […]

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How Can I Get Samsung Root Permission

October 15, 2017 Annie

The operating system Android has become very popular and has found its way into major smart phones and devices of today. Rooting your phone basically, means overtaking the full control on it. You get Superuser control over your phone. You get to use features of your phone which was previously present but were locked to […]

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3 Solutions to Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Samsung Phone and Tablet

October 13, 2017 Annie

Managing and taking care of your pictures on Samsung phone is not so friendly for accidentally deletion, formatting memory card and other reasons can easily cause the photos’ loss. That may happen to your Samsung Tablet, too. Actually, the pictures you “deleted” are not completely deleted on your phone. It’s just temporarily placed in invisible […]

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How to Permanently Wipe Your Old Android without Recovery Mode

October 11, 2017 Annie

Your Android gets slow when running, as well as the performance degradation and virus, even the worst system issue like boot loop, frozen screen and so on. Factory reset Android device often aims to resolve those problems, erasing all created data by users. Generally we can reset device in Settings menu or factory reset in […]

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How to Backup Android Phone to PC Before Factory Reset

October 9, 2017 Annie

When you need to reset your Android device to factory settings, please check out your backup first. Factory reset can wipe out all the data and settings while fixing the system issues or unlocking the device or other things. Once you reset your phone, your data couldn’t be found any more unless you had backed […]

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How to Backup Android Phone to Computer Before Rooting

October 8, 2017 Annie

Sometimes we need to root the Android device to unlock some hidden features or install some special Apps. But generally, rooting for some Android devices requires unlocking the bootloader first, which will empty all the device data to do factory settings. So, in order to make sure your data will not lose, you must back […]

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Can I Backup Samsung Galaxy Text Messages

October 6, 2017 Annie

Even the most reliable Android phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/S4 etc. cannot avoid losing data including the important one, text messages. When you mistakenly tap on the delete button, format, or perform the factory settings to your Samsung Galaxy, your text messages will be deleted. As the saying goes, “be prepared for danger”. Your […]

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How to Backup and Restore Android Text Messages

October 4, 2017 Annie

You can’t lose important text messages stored on your Android phone, whether it’s of work or daily life. Unexpectedly in fact, the Android messages were accidentally lost for a variety of reasons, such as factory reset, water damage or being stolen, or accidental deletion. But you may never thought of backing up your SMS / […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Rooting Your Android

October 2, 2017 Annie

In general, rooting is a way of unlocking the operating system of an Android smartphone. It will help to install applications, remove any unwanted application and update the operating system. Moreover, you can also customize many things in your smartphone. It is like breaking jail. When you will root your device, it will allow to […]

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4 Ways to Backup Android Contacts with Ease

September 29, 2017 Annie

In the new period of technology, even high-end Android device may also lose the data because of bad updates, malicious software, or other unforeseen reasons for missing data, including your contact list. Therefore, you had better make timely data backup of Android contacts. Because regular backup lets you easily recover, so even you accidentally deleted […]

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