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How to change the notification sound on your Android phone

July 16, 2018 Annie

We all suffer from boredom from time to time, and the same is true while using our Android devices as well. It might be the fact that we do not feel interested in using the same notification sounds again and again. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have provided a comprehensive guide on how to change […]

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How to Stop Apps from Running in the Background on Android

July 13, 2018 Annie

Apps could be running in the background of your Android phone, thereby draining your battery and eating up the RAM without warning. And the issue is even further complicated by installing app killers which may simply complicate the RAM usage. Here’s a professional guide on how to proceed if you wish to overcome this problem. […]

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WhatsApp Voice Call Tips and Tricks You Didn’t Know

July 11, 2018 Annie

WhatsApp voice calls has certainly replaced the network calls making the experience of voice calls even better – but do we know all the tips and tricks to make this experience even more heavenly? In this section we are going to take you through the WhatsApp voice call tips and tricks you didn’t know of and […]

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How to Search Message on WhatsApp or Text Message from Android or iPhone

July 9, 2018 Annie

We all have an endless flow of messages daily. Well, this can be an easy and fun way of connecting with loved ones. But when it comes to searching a particular message, things can get a bit tricky. Most of all, you can have an even hard time trying to access the deleted ones if […]

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How to Turn off the Camera Shutter Sound on Android

July 6, 2018 Annie

Are you annoyed and have enough of the irritating camera shutter sound on the Android OS? The simple way to get rid of it is just to disable it with some different steps. There are more than one ways of doing, So if you are looking for a solution of this irritating problem, then you are […]

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How to Edit Photos and Videos in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

July 5, 2018 Annie

WhatsApp allows you to make inscriptions or draw on media files you are sending, according to the company’s blog. Newly added tools allow you not only to draw, but also to put in writings to images, choose your own color and style of the font. You can also add drawings by hand. While trying to share existing […]

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How to Create Calendar Events from WhatsApp Messages or Text Message on iPhone

July 2, 2018 Annie

One of the most popular communication applications is WhatsApp or simple iPhone messages through which you can easily set reminders. So how to create calendar events from WhatsApp messages or text message on iPhone? How to set a calendar reminder from WhatsApp conversation? How to set a calendar events from iPhone messages?f How to set a reminder […]

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How to Download and Install Apps Outside the Google Play Store

June 29, 2018 Annie

There has never been a more straightforward and simple way to download and install Apps on your Android device other than by using the Google Play Store. However, some instances may make you seek alternative sites to download an app on your phone. One of them is when maybe you want a particular app, but you […]

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How to Pin Chat or Add Chat Shortcut in WhatsApp on iPhone or Android

June 27, 2018 Annie

WhatsApp a cross-platform messaging application which allows you to send texts, share photos and videos, GIF, make voice calls and video calls and send links and documents of various formats including word file, PDF, excel sheet, etc. You can access WhatsApp on your mobile phone as well as on personal computer through cellular mobile number […]

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What’s NFC and How to Use NFC on Android

June 25, 2018 Annie

In this article we are going to look at what NFC is, its basics, what NFC tags are and how to make use of NFC on your Android device. Potentially, this technology has the potential to make your business and/or every day-life a little bit easier. What’s NFC Enabling NFC How to Use NFC on […]

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