Reset Android

How to Soft Reset or Hard Reset Your Android Device

January 15, 2018 Annie

Our mobile phones vary from design and functionality. These devices are specially made to assist us in many tasks personally. Just like any technology it breaks down or hangs on you when you need it the most, You might not have time to take it to an expert since they often break down when you […]

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How to Reset Android Without the Home Button

October 25, 2017 Annie

Performing factory reset is an effective solution for various Android phone problem like running slowly, system crash. Or when you’re going to sell your mobile phone, you need to clear all of your device data, so you’ll have to do factory reset. But before you start, it’s important to back up all your phone data […]

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Guide on Hard Resetting Android Devices

October 24, 2017 Annie

  Sometimes the Android device doesn’t work as well as it should, and this can happen if the wrong application is installed or the upgrade is incorrect. Maybe your phone is overloaded with loads of Apps and running slow. Or, you might be just to sell your old Android phone and try to erase it. […]

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How Do I Set My Samsung Galaxy to Factory Setting

October 22, 2017 Annie

Performing reset is an essential thing when the following common problems arise: because of the long run of your Samsung device, the installation of many applications and creation of a large amount of data, your Samsung phone has become very slow. A series of system errors occur, such as restart loop, the bricked device and […]

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How to Factory Reset Android without Losing Data

October 20, 2017 Annie

Factory reset effectively wipe all the data, settings, and applications that were previously on the device. Why or when do you reset your Android device? In many cases, you may need to reset, such as the following common problems:   – Android phone is running very slowly, which usually happens when you use the device […]

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How to Permanently Wipe Your Old Android without Recovery Mode

October 11, 2017 Annie

Your Android gets slow when running, as well as the performance degradation and virus, even the worst system issue like boot loop, frozen screen and so on. Factory reset Android device often aims to resolve those problems, erasing all created data by users. Generally we can reset device in Settings menu or factory reset in […]

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How Do I Wipe My Samsung Galaxy

September 20, 2017 Annie

Data on your Samsung Galaxy include bank information, login accounts, E-mail and more confidential information that cannot be divulged. Sometimes you want to delete some data in order to secure your privacy, so you can tap the delete button or perform factory reset, or use your Google account to delete. However, you probably don’t know […]

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