Samsung Recovery

How to Recover Deleted Call Log on Samsung Galaxy

November 11, 2017 Annie

Don’t you just hate it, having to lose someone’s contact number after making a call? Maybe the call was from your old buddy or an important client, but you forgot to save the number to your address book or deleted by mistake. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you will probably want to […]

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How to Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Samsung Galaxy with/without Backup

October 13, 2017 Annie

Everyone got some important and interesting pictures on their phones and this is the same with Samsung Galaxy Note users. We all love to store our memorable pictures so that we can always look at them. But in some cases, you can lose your precious and important images and other stuff from your respective Samsung […]

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Data Recovery from Samsung Failed to Connect with PC

July 31, 2017 Annie

Not each time we can succeed in recovering data or transferring data between PC and Samsung phone due to a disconnection. Whereas, we need to connect our phone to computer for data recovery. What to do when the computer cannot detect your troubleshooting Samsung phone even you made sure the docking is correct? You should […]

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Samsung Data Recovery: Recover Deleted Files on Samsung Galaxy

June 25, 2017 Annie

Many people store their apps and personal files on their Samsung devices and almost all of them have encountered loss of their vital files through deletion. That’s why it’s very important to have options on how to recover the deleted files more safely and effectively. Have you deleted your files recently? Don’t worry, there is […]

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How to Print Text Messages from Samsung Cell Phone

June 5, 2017 Annie

Hidden among the numerous text messages in your phone are gems you don’t want to lose. It might be some business details or an SMS from your wife. You could also be ruing a message that you deleted by mistake. The good news is, you can print such messages from your Samsung Galaxy S/Note device from […]

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How to Recover WhatsApp Messages on Samsung Devices

May 19, 2017 Annie

WhatsApp is the biggest social messaging app out there. WhatsApp allows mobile users to communicate with their friends, families or work partners in their daily life. It provides a great way of saving and sharing important or interesting files. On the other hand. If you accidentally delete some important WhatsApp messages on your Samsung devices. […]

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How to Recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy S10/Note 10

May 17, 2017 Annie

Change is inevitable so as data loss. Many users encounter this problem and Samsung users are no exception. You might be using the latest, Samsung Galaxy S10 or Note 10, but you will be overwhelmed when you find your contact and other vital files are deleted by mistake or accidentally lost. This is usually a […]

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Samsung Galaxy S8’s First Shipment Facing Random Restart Issues

May 15, 2017 Annie

The first shipment of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have been frequently exposed a series of problems at the end of April, like the problems of red screen and Wi-Fi connection complained by users from South Korea. Though Samsung has pledged to update them through applications, the bug of random reboot was revealed later and […]

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How to Recover Text Messages from Broken Samsung Devices

May 7, 2017 Annie

How important are text messages to you? Pretty important, right! Text messages might contain vital details such as work address, deadline dates, or other important details that you don’t want to lose. Frankly speaking, losing text messages can cause serious dysfunction in both your personal and work life. However, some causes of text message loss […]

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4 Easy Ways to Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy with Broken Screen

April 21, 2017 Annie

A broken screen is something every smartphone holder goes through once or twice and if you haven’t gone through the calamity of a broken screen then you truly are blessed. We have become highly dependent on them and a day without them can wreak havoc on our daily routine. Maybe your phone fell on the […]

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