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How to Extract Photos from a Broken Android Phone

June 21, 2017 Annie

You are walking on the streets enjoying music from your phone or chatting with somebody, then you bump into somebody. Before you know it, you have lost grip of your Android phone and it falls down, resulting in a crack on the screen or it turns off and does not switch back on. This case […]

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Android Phone Won’t Turn On – How to Fix It

June 19, 2017 Annie

Although Android phone help us carry out our daily activities, it can be nerve-wracking when they decide they won’t turn on. If this happens don’t-panic buy another device, try to run your device through a few troubleshooting processes to see what wrong. You never know! It might be something you can fix it yourself. Has your […]

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Top 4 Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

June 17, 2017 Annie

What exactly does it mean to have your iPhone stuck on Apple Logo and won’t turn on? Usually, when booting or rebooting your phone, it will show the Apple Logo but only for a short time and then the bootup process goes on. On the dreadful day when the iPhone gets stuck at this step, […]

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How to Fix an iPhone/iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode

June 15, 2017 Annie

How to fix your iPhone stuck on ‘connect to iTunes’ screen (Recovery Mode) is a major challenge for most iPhone users especially when it concerns data loss. This article describes three ways to counter the problem but first let us comprehend the reasons that bring the iPhone into recovery mode or get stuck on the […]

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How to Fix Frozen iPhone/iPad During Update

June 13, 2017 Annie

Whenever Apple releases a new iOS version, there are lots of improvements and great features that every iPhone and iPad users would love to experience. To enjoy these new features, users are required to update their iPhone/iPads to most recent update of software. However, not every use successfully updates their software. We encounter unexpected problems […]

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How to Install iOS 11 Beta 1 on iPhone or Downgrade back to iOS 10.3.2

June 11, 2017 Annie

Downloading new software is an exciting experience. The feeling is second only to the thrill of a brand-new phone. Well Apple recently launched their iOS 11 beta 1 and we are going to help you update your iPhone to iOS 11 and how to head back to more familiar territory if you find it’s not […]

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How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from OnePlus 7/7 Pro/7T

June 9, 2017 Annie

“Hi, my One plus 7/7pro/7 phone stated glitching last week, and I decided to factory reset it. The glitching problem was solved, but my problems had just gotten even worse- it deleted all my photos and videos. What can I do”? Even though your OnePlus 7T is mind-blowing, you can still find yourself in situations […]

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How to Recover WhatsApp Photos and Videos from Android

June 7, 2017 Annie

WhatsApp is used by millions, if not billions of mobile users in the world. It is famed for its easy-to-use interface and its ability to allow users to keep in touch with friends and families regardless of the distance. I use it because it’s free, (c’mon who doesn’t love free treats). Because of its conveniences, […]

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How to Print Text Messages from Samsung Cell Phone

June 5, 2017 Annie

Hidden among the numerous text messages in your phone are gems you don’t want to lose. It might be some business details or an SMS from your wife. You could also be ruing a message that you deleted by mistake. The good news is, you can print such messages from your Samsung Galaxy S/Note device from […]

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How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos on LG G8/V50 ThinQ

June 4, 2017 Annie

Sometimes losing your stored data is inevitable regardless of your phone’s amazing features and specifications. For example, you might accidentally delete some of your photos on LG G8/V50 when you are scrolling through them. Or maybe lose them when factory resetting your phone. Some other cause of photo loss on your phone can include: • […]

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