How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from OnePlus

It is a common happening that you lose important data from your OnePlus gadget. Any form of error that interferes with the storage system may end up erasing the entire photos and videos available. However, it is possible to recover all the deleted media data back to your OnePlus phone. This includes the cases where you had not backed up data and you want to restore. The following article will address the various ways through which you can access.

Part 1: Restore Deleted Photos & Videos from Google Photos/Dropbox
Part 2: Recover Photos & Videos Deleted on OnePlus without Backup
Part 3: Retrieve Images & Videos from SD Card
Part 4: Backup Photos & Videos with Google Photos

Restore Deleted Photos & Videos from Google Photos/Dropbox

The fact that these two applications offer unlimited storage services means that you can easily lose tons of data. It is always advisable to backup and sync data on your phone since it is easier to recover than when you had no reliable backup system. To begin with, any backed up data stays in the Trash box for 60 days.

Restore from Google Photos

In this case, if you want to get back deleted photos and videos from OnePlus 3/2/1, the process would involve the following:

1. Launch the Google Photos App on your OnePlus

2. From the menu tab, open the Trash option where you get all the data deleted within this period

3. Drag the respective file, either PNG, JPG, MP4 or even a movie before clicking on Restore

4. The file will be restored back to the initial location and you can access it from there

Recover from Google Photo

Restore from Dropbox

In case you want to get back data from Dropbox, you should go to Dropbox from computer browser, the history feature only allows you to retrieve data deleted within 30 days unless you have a Dropbox business account. The restoration procedure of Dropbox is similar to Google Photos. The time taken to retrieve the lost data depends on the number and size of files you want to restore, simultaneously.

Dropbox Deleted

Dropbox Recover

Recover Photos & Videos Deleted on OnePlus without Backup

At times, it is possible that you lose data that you have not backed up. To many people, they believe that there is nothing they can do to regain such photos. However, it is possible to get back missing photos and videos from OnePlus even without backup. Whenever you delete a file on your Android, the system does not permanently erase the data and instead stores it in the internal memory. It takes some time before the device can overwrite all the deleted files, depending on the rates at which you save new photos and the storage size remaining.


Tools such as Android Data Recovery utilize features and tools that access this stored data and restore it back to the system. Defining the exact location of the pictures and videos you want to regain makes it easy for the recovery tools to access the deleted data.
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Step 1. Install the Android Data Recovery on your PC. Connect your device to your PC, then select “Recover”.

Connect Android to Computer

Step 2. Deactivate the USB debugging feature to enable the tool to detect your Android.

Android 6.0 Enable USB Debugging

Step 3. Click on “Photos” and “Videos” since it is the subject, although other options are available on the menu.Android Recovery Select File Type

Step 4. The pop-up function will ask for either a Standard or Advanced scan, depending on the depth of search that you want. Recommend the Standard Mode as your first try. It works for most of situations. When it doesn’t, you can switch to the advanced and try again. Next, click “Start” to continue.

Android Recovery Select Recovery Mode

Step 5. After launching the scan, you will get a list of all the deleted and available photos and videos, where you activate the “Only Display Deleted Items” icon.

Scanning Android Data

Step 6. Select the jpg, png, gif, mp4, avi and more media files you want to retrieve then click on “Recover” and access all the restored photos and videos in computer, then transfer the photos back to your phone.

Retrieve Images & Videos from SD Card

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Step 1. Clik on “Recover” feature and choose “Recover Android Data” from the next window after you launch the software.

Recover SD Card

Step 2. Select “Recover from SD card” on the left window and connect the SD card to the computer via SD card reader and wait for the program recognizes your SD card.

Instere SD Card

SD Card Select Disk Scan

Step 3. On detection by the tool, choose between a standard or advanced scan

SD Card Select Scan Mode

Step 4. Then the program will begin scanning your SD card.

SD Card Scanning Data

Wait until it’s complete and select the images you want to get back and click “Recover”.

SD Card Preview Recover Data

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Backup Photos & Videos with Google Photos

The Google Photos library provides a platform to store files that are already on your Android as well as the future ones. This system reduces the chances of permanently losing the files and also makes it easy to get back deleted photos and videos from OnePlus if need be. The following is the procedure to back up photos in Google Photos:


1. Sign in to Google Photos so as to access the user dashboard

2. Click on the menu tab which brings a number of functions including the “Settings”

3. Select Backup & Sync option, activate it to enable the app to back up your photos


After initiating this procedure, it is advisable to confirm if the backup system is active. In this case, you need to sign in to Google Photos then tap a number of photos, from different locations on the list. When tapping these photos, the popups will indicate if the files are backed up or they are still in the queue. In case they are not full back up, repeat the above procedure, or turn to the Android Data Backup & Restore to make a full Android backup.


The Android system has an internal storage that stores the deleted files for some time. The procedure of to recover deleted photos and videos from OnePlus 3/2/1 will depend if the device had an effective backup system or not. In case the files had no backup, restoration tools such as Android Data Recovery will enable the restoring of the files. You can get back deleted photos and videos from your phones while using these tools, although it is recommendable to determine whether the file is in the internal or external storage. It is always important to keep confirming if the backup system is effective, to avoid inconveniences.

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