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WhatsApp – Problems Saving or Sending Photos/Videos on Android or iPhone

June 15, 2018 Annie

One of the best features of WhatsApp is its feature to send and receive photos and videos. But it is annoying to face technical glitches when you try sending photos and videos that need to be shared immediately. This post will discuss few tricks and hacks to be followed in such situations which will work […]

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How to Use Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

June 13, 2018 Annie

WhatsApp has provided a security layer to its user’s named two-steps verification. An additional step to enhance the security of WhatsApp account. It is a small process that generates a pin number while registering your mobile number with WhatsApp. In the market, many people use iPhone or Android mobile phones and this feature is compatible with […]

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How to Share Your Location in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

June 11, 2018 Annie

If you’ve ever had trouble describing your exact location to someone, and no matter how hard you tried to do this, the person still ends up going to a completely different place. You definitely would agree, that it isn’t a pleasant experience at all; in fact, it could be quite disappointing, and most times you’ll […]

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Tips and Tricks for WhatsApp Web on PC

June 8, 2018 Annie

WhatsApp, as we all are pretty much familiar with is an application for smartphones. It works as a messenger and is free to download the application. WhatsApp is very similar to text message service in a sense that both text message service and WhatsApp is used to send messages. WhatsApp is an absolutely free to […]

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Tips and Tricks for WhatsApp Desktop App

June 6, 2018 Annie

Can I put WhatsApp on my desktop? How can I use WhatsApp on my computer? These are some of the questions many WhatsApp users have been asking since the start of this year. If you are one of them, we have written a detailed article on how to download and use WhatsApp desktop app. In […]

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How to Share WhatsApp Contacts on iPhone and Android

June 4, 2018 Annie

WhatsApp is a messaging application that allows smartphone users to send and receive messages in an instant. WhatsApp allows you to send videos, messages, voice notes, make WhatsApp calls and share images using internet connection. However with WhatsApp application update from time to time, many iPhone and Android phone users find it difficult to execute […]

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How to Manage WhatsApp Contacts on iPhone

June 1, 2018 Annie

Today WhatsApp is the most used messenger used by millions of people around the world. At the same time every day thousands of people around the world download and install this application. However, despite such popularity, many users do not know how to manage WhatsApp contacts on iPhone and Android. This article will help to […]

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How to send videos or GIF in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

May 30, 2018 Annie

It’s hard to expect any individual not having a Smartphone or an iPhone these days. The growth and changes in technology in recent years has made an incredible development. Looking at these developments, nobody would have imagined about it about two decades ago. With many developments in Android’s OS and Apple’s iOS, many applications were […]

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How to Change the LED Notification Light Colors on Android

May 28, 2018 Annie

Are you wondering what the blinking LED colors on your Android phone means? Or, do you sometimes find them too distracting, you wish to switch them off, and you do not know how? Furthermore, have you noticed that some Android phones have cool LED notification colors that are entirely different from the ones on your […]

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How to Hide WhatsApp Message Preview on iPhone and Android Lock Screen

May 25, 2018 Annie

When we use an app of such high value we always want to know more about it. What happens most of the time is when someone messages you on WhatsApp its preview popup on the screen and when you are with your relatives or associates having meal or feast at the same table and preview […]

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