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What is Screen off Memo and How to Use It on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

February 1, 2019 Annie

You need to take notes all the time. Whether it is a doctor’s appointment you do not want to forget, an important business meeting or the name of that new item you have seen and plan to buy soon, you need to write it down so you can remember later on. In this digital era, […]

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How to Bring Back the Home Button to Your iPhone X

January 30, 2019 Annie

Unlike earlier iPhone models, the iPhone X model does not have a hardware home button. The home button was one of the most useful buttons. It was not only used to return users to the home screen but also to launch the Apple Pay feature alongside other functions. Now that the button is not available […]

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How to Remotely Track Your Lost iPhone with Find My iPhone

January 26, 2019 Annie

Losing a phone is almost as bad as your house burning down. Imagine losing all of your family pictures, important documents, every conversation that is so dear to your heart along with important information regarding internet banking all the way down to your period tracker. It’s gross, but it is important. The Find My iPhone […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera Dual Aperture – Everything You Need to Know

January 25, 2019 Annie

You have a new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, with all its bells and whistles. So many in fact you have hardly looked at them all. Then at that Friday after work drinks, the one guy Gary, starts to talk about the dual aperture feature, and how he used the F1.5 for darker environments and F2.4 for […]

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How to Transfer Data from Your Old Phone to Samsung Galaxy Note 9

January 21, 2019 Annie

If you have purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, you need not worry about how you are going to transfer data from your old phone to your new device. You could also have the Samsung Galaxy device already and you find it difficult to manually send the files from your old phone to the […]

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Samsung Note 9 Tips: How to Get the Most of Samsung Health

January 18, 2019 Annie

‘New year, New me’ slogan comes with quite an ambitious tone. Yet, it is one of the best mindsets to have. One of the key goals that many of us have is to become a healthier version of ourselves. It can be quite challenging to do things right, but thankfully, we live in an era […]

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How to Remotely Control Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with S Pen

January 16, 2019 Annie

The Samsung Note 9 phone has many cool features but the most outstanding one is the new and improved S Pen stylus. If you are wondering why we are so excited about it, picture this: You are about to take a group photo with your friends. But this time, you want a great photo with […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Intelligent Camera: The Scene Optimizer and Flaw Detection

January 13, 2019 Annie

Taking pictures is a way of keeping memories. Whether it is your big day at work and need to or you are on a picnic with your family, taking a selfie is a good way to keep the memories alive. There are so many times when we will want to take pictures and when that […]

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3 Tips for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 One-handed Use

January 11, 2019 Annie

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a big screen. Such a large-sized screen is crucial, especially when viewing photos and videos. A large screen is also key in ensuring that text is rendered with a reasonable size to cater for the needs of those who have visual challenges.   This said, such a large screen […]

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Get the Most out of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Find My Mobile Feature

January 9, 2019 Annie

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a spectacular phone designed to perfection. It’s great for professionals, and for anyone looking for a great high-end smartphone. When you have a good smartphone, it’s easy to be extremely reliant on it. And while that is great, it may not be the best thing to do if you aren’t […]

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