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Apple iOS 12 : What’s New in The Photos App

October 10, 2018 Annie

  Apple has come up with some notable improvements in the Photos app on your iPhones and iPads in its massive iOS 12 updates. The review intends to showcase everything that has changed. Apple’s very own Photos app underwent few amazing changes in iOS 11 itself. However, iOS 12 received pretty astonishing updates too that […]

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Apple iOS 12: The New Animoji and Memoji on iPhone X Series

October 9, 2018 Annie

Before proceeding to create an Animoji, you must understand what its function is on the iPhone X/XS/XS Max/XR. After users have been familiarized with emojis, Apple introduced the Animoji which allows your facial expressions to be copied by popular emojis. Basically, Animoji is a portmanteau i.e. this is a word created by mixing two words […]

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Apple iOS 12: The New Do Not Disturb and Notifications Coming to iPhone

October 8, 2018 Annie

Apple leaves no stone unturned to add the most amazing of the features to make life a lot easier for its users. Some of the features that Apple introduces are totally based on the feedback of the users. Well, it was yesterday when I woke up somewhere in the middle of the dead night. I […]

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How to Back Up Call History on Android and iPhone

October 3, 2018 Annie

By default, your Android phone limits your call history, so when this limit is reached, older entries are trimmed off the bottom of your list and deleted forever. This can be quite frustrating if you needed the data. Some people think that this has to do with storage space, but’s it’s not, the biggest call […]

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4 Tips and Tricks to Manage Your Facebook Account on your Smartphone

October 3, 2018 Annie

Most people have Facebook messenger installed on their Smart devices but they are not conversant with most of the functionalities of this app. Have you ever had a need to add a new account to your existing Facebook messenger app? Or at one point felt that you needed to switch to a new Facebook messenger […]

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How to Search Facebook Messenger Message on Android and iPhone

September 23, 2018 Annie

At one point you may be in need of finding a specific Facebook Messenger message in a conversation but you are not sure on how to go about it. You could also be in need of ascertaining certain facts which were shared in earlier messages. This second scenario occurs mostly to those people who exchange […]

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How to Clear Storage Space of Facebook & Messenger on iPhone and Android

September 21, 2018 Annie

There are several scenarios which may raise the need to clear the cache and data of your Facebook messenger app. One of these is when you reach a point and you notice that the device starts to hang or the Facebook messenger app becomes slower than normal. Another scenario is when the phone storage starts […]

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How to Sync Facebook Contacts on iPhone and Android

September 20, 2018 Annie

It is certain that the world’s largest social network is Facebook. Other than being a social media platform, it has become a reliable interaction tool for daily use. You meet various characters of people on Facebook and include them in your list of friends. Quite a number of users face a hard time when trying […]

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How to Hide Facebook Messenger Message Preview on iPhone and Android Lock Screen

September 19, 2018 Annie

Most Android and iOS devices are default-set to show notifications and the content preview for the different apps installed on the device. However, such notifications sometimes become a nuisance when they display a preview of the actual message on the lock screen. These previews compromise user privacy since a person seated next to you will be […]

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How to Save Facebook Messenger Messages on iPhone and Android

September 16, 2018 Annie

There are a thousand and one reasons for downloading your Facebook Messenger chat history. Likely, you may wish to save a conversation from your Facebook Messenger or just have a backup to your messages away from Facebook. Maybe you could be having that bad habit of accidentally deleting messages from your phone. But now you can […]

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