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4 Tips to Free up Storage Space on Your iPhone X

March 12, 2019 Annie

iPhone users may be snobbish and they may shove their fantastically built phones in our faces, yet we cannot argue that the iPhone X is a very elegant though expensive phone. The average iPhone user is very much impressed with the iPhone X, though there are a few complaints with regard to the battery usage. The […]

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2 Ways to Unlock iPhone If You Forgot iPhone Passcode

February 25, 2019 Annie

You have entered the wrong passcode on an iPhone many times, and finally, your device has been disabled. Maybe you just bought a second-hand iOS Device, but you are worried about its prior user accessing it. Or, you are sure you have forgotten your pin or password, and the only way to access your device […]

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5 Best Tips to Record Better 4K Video on iPhone X

February 21, 2019 Annie

One smartphone model which stands out among the best when it comes to camera capabilities is the iPhone X. If you have one already, then you need to stay a little longer to learn how you can get the best out of your iPhone X camera. You will be surprised by the potential of your smartphone. […]

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How to Turn off Display ‘Tap to Wake’ and ‘Raise to Wake’ feature on iPhone X

February 18, 2019 Annie

Since many of the smartphones has a full-screen display and no buttons at all. If you are wondering on how to use it, then it’s pretty easy, one is the gesture option and secondly there are a couple of features like ‘Tap to Wake’ and ‘Raise to Wake’. ‘Tap to Wake’, used to be an […]

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2 Ways to Take Screenshot on iPhone XS/XS Max/XR

February 15, 2019 Annie

The screenshot feature provides an excellent way of capturing the snapshot of a screen and preserving it as a static image. There are different scenarios which may raise the need for you to take a screenshot. One of these is when you need to share specific content on your smartphone screen with your contacts. You […]

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How to Customize Your Do Not Disturb Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

February 13, 2019 Annie

Imagine this scenario: you’re in a crucial board meeting. The deals are being set on stone and the opinions are fired across the room. The air reeks of professionalism and seriousness, and just at that moment your phone had to vibrate gaily with its ring tone. Perhaps your face would be flushed red or crimson […]

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Why Does the iPhone Take 2 Pictures When the HDR Option is Selected?

February 9, 2019 Annie

If you have used the iPhone camera, this question must have popped up in your mind at one point or another: Why does the iPhone take 2 pictures when the HDR option is selected? A simple answer to this question: Your iPhone takes two photos when HDR option is selected to give you a choice […]

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How to AutoFill Passwords Using Your Fingerprint on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

February 8, 2019 Annie

Passwords are good because they keep information secure and safe from prying eyes. The problem comes in when there are too many passwords to remember. Am sure you have very many passwords. From those on your social media accounts to those of the forums you belong to and even the staff portal where you work, they […]

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How to Offload Unused Apps to Save Storage on Your iPhone X

February 6, 2019 Annie

There must be several applications on your iPhone that you always wonder what they are for. You may have used them in the past but now you never do so. Should you delete them? That would be perfect but it would mean losing all the data in the app; from the images to the sweet […]

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Get the most out of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Game Launcher

February 4, 2019 Annie

You have just unboxed your new shiny Galaxy Note 9, a shimmering master piece with end to end bezel less screen that leaves you simply stunned. You are tempted to put its beasty internals by challenging with some of your favorite games and you find something called “Game Launcher”. You wonder what’s that? Worry not, […]

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