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How to Block and Unblock WhatsApp Contacts on Android and iPhone

April 13, 2018 Annie

Blocking a contact helps you avoid certain bad experiences and get various goals achieved. These goals include inability to receive messages sent to you from the given contact without their knowledge and their inability to view your Status updates and Last Seen. However, blocking does not delete your chat history, remove your contact from their […]

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How to Delete a Sent WhatsApp Message after Delivered on iPhone and Android

April 11, 2018 Annie

When having conversations via WhatsApp, be it with your significant other, your close friends or whoever the case may be, the fact is that the rapid, on-the-fly nature of instant messaging is such that, sooner or later, most of us are bound to make mistakes. And few mistakes are more embarrassing (or even potentially fatal […]

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How to Use Android ADB and Fastboot

April 9, 2018 Annie

ADB and Fastboot mode enable the Android device user to install a custom recovery or custom ROM and root the Android device. Another important function of ADB and Fastboot that is worth mentioning is that you can troubleshoot your bricked or death Android device without having to worry about the sometimes exorbitant repair charges by the […]

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What is the Most Secure Way to Lock Your Android Phone

April 6, 2018 Annie

There are many ways to protect your phone from unauthorized access. These screen lock methods include Pattern, PIN, Password and FingerPrint. However every method has its own weakness. You should choose an appropriate method depending on the type of phone and how fast you need to unlock it. You should also consider to add a […]

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How to Flash Custom ROM on Android Phone

April 4, 2018 Annie

If you are an Android power user, you must know the Android OS is customizable. The layout and function of an Android can be changed by installing what is called a Custom ROM. Custom ROM will provide you with a variety of interesting features on your Android. For those who find themselves dissatisfied with its […]

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How to Fix Bluetooth Connection Issues on Android Phone

April 2, 2018 Annie

Bluetooth has provided an effective, efficient and smooth connectivity wireless process that has been user-friendly in their daily ergonomics. Bluetooth has revolutionized the way smartphones can communicate with other accessories, devices like Bluetooth earphone or speaker, sound systems, gamepad, and televisions can be put to use this technology. This guide will simplify your troubleshooting process. How to Connect […]

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How to Install Custom Recovery Mode (TWRP, CWM) on Android

March 30, 2018 Annie

Custom Recovery is a modified kind of recovery that allows you to perform several extra tasks. TWRP recovery and CWM are the most commonly used custom recoveries. Good custom recovery comes with several merits. It let you back up the entire phone, load custom ROM including lineage OS, and install flexible zips. This is especially […]

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How to Find and Lock, Erase your Lost or Stolen Android Phone

March 28, 2018 Annie

With all the information stored on our phones and all the added functions we need them to perform, it can be devastating to lose it or have it stolen. However, Android has stepped in with a lifesaving app that allows you to find your phone if it is misplaced, lock it so that no one […]

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Why Android Phone Overheat and How to Cool Down

March 26, 2018 Annie

There are many causes of overheating on Android phones including but not limited to the processor heating, the battery and the screens. However, it is important to note that not all times the overheating of the phone is a major concern. The users of the phones should, therefore, be observant enough to be able to […]

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How to Block App Notifications on Android Phone

March 23, 2018 Annie

Phone notifications are an important part of our daily lives using our phones, especially if they are to help as realize important messages or news from our subscriptions. However some notifications are offer no sense and only serve a distraction to our concentration when we are focused on something important, and these need to be […]

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