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3 Ways to Recover Data from a Broken Screen Android Phone

May 3, 2019 Annie

Every smartphone owner goes through the trauma of a broken screen at some point in life. You are distressed and looking for ways so that your important data does not suffer. Backup or recovering data on your broken screen phone is possible. You can either manually perform the backup using data cable and PC, Samsung Smart Switch […]

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How to Create a GIF on Samsung Galaxy Note 10/S10

April 25, 2019 Annie

GIFs are a new fun way to share experiences and express emotions and widely used across social media platforms. The images in GIFs are animated and have what seems like short repeated motion. This motion looks great and with the perfect caption, it can be very entertaining. So, how can you create entertaining GIFs? There […]

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How to Record Super Slow-Mo Video with Samsung Galaxy Note 10/S10

April 23, 2019 Annie

You have brought yourself a Samsung Galaxy Note 10/S10. You now have an amazing phone with this handy tool. Gone are the days of needing a super expensive camera to capture high quality Slow-Mo videos. In this modern technological world, you can now turn to your Samsung Galaxy Note 10/S10. With its incredible 960 frames […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Intelligent Scan: A Quicker, Easier Way to Unlock Your Note 9

April 18, 2019 Annie

If you have already purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 9 you could be wondering on some of the best ways to unlock it. Just a short recap. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has several unlock features incorporated within the smartphone. These include the fingerprint scanner, the passcode, the face scanner, the iris scanner, and the intelligent scanner. […]

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How to Hide your Photos and Apps to Secure Folder on Samsung Galaxy S10

April 14, 2019 Annie

How comfortable are you when your phone is in another person’s hand, a friend or a family member? Recently Jane bought a Samsung Galaxy S10. Actually, she was very excited about the new phone. She went around taking photos and videos, sharing them on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. But, she was so embarrassed […]

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How to Customize Your Quick Settings Panel on Samsung Galaxy S10

April 13, 2019 Annie

The Quick Settings panel on the Galaxy S10 makes it possible for users to access features of the phone fast. It is easy to access this panel and from there many settings can be changed as one wishes. There are many settings on this quick access menu but you will be even happier to know […]

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New Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Features You Need to Know

April 11, 2019 Annie

Samsung Galaxy S10 comes packed with exciting camera features. Some of these features can only be found in this model only. If you want to learn new tricks and tweaks to use on your Galaxy S10 Camera, simply stay a while and follow along. You will be amazed at what your smartphone camera can do. […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Fingerprint and Heart Rate Sensor Gestures You Didn’t Know

April 10, 2019 Annie

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a phone worth having because of its many features. One of the things that the phone aims at doing is making life easy and simple. This is best achieved by enabling gestures that can be used to open various things. You can use the fingerprint sensor gestures to open […]

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2 Ways to Take Screenshot on iPhone X/XS/XR

April 8, 2019 Annie

The screenshot feature provides an excellent way of capturing the snapshot of a screen and preserving it as a static image. There are different scenarios which may raise the need for you to take a screenshot. One of these is when you need to share specific content on your smartphone screen with your contacts. You […]

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How Can You Take Photos Using Voice Controls and Gesture on Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

March 27, 2019 Annie

Today, we will learn how to do some special tricks with the enhanced features the phone provides. These features include; Taking Photos with Voice Command Taking Selfies with gestures Taking Photos with Voice Command With the two 12 megapixel cameras that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 possesses, it is no surprise that the phone takes incredible […]

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