Apple iOS 12 : What’s New in The Photos App


Apple has come up with some notable improvements in the Photos app on your iPhones and iPads in its massive iOS 12 updates. The review intends to showcase everything that has changed.

iPhone iOS 12

Apple’s very own Photos app underwent few amazing changes in iOS 11 itself. However, iOS 12 received pretty astonishing updates too that broadened the expectations of all iOS users.

iOS 11 came up with eight updates in the Photos app like the Live Photos improvements, trimming options, GIF support and the drag-and-drop features. The all new iOS 12 version of the Photos app has even better and some game-changing features you must be excited about.

The iOS 7 version was the last big facelift in the interface of the Photos app. You can sit back relaxed as iOS 12 is not going to give you a hassled experience as there has not been much influence on the UI. You can now change your way you share your snapshots and videos and can also search for your photos faster.

The most notable updates include-

Memories & Shared Is Now ‘For You’-

A slight change in the iOS 12’s UI has replaced the multiple “Shared” and “Memories” tabs by a single “For You” tab. The tab offers you a common store for all of your memories and shared album activities.


You’ll See Featured Photos & Effects Suggestions-
The “For You” tab shows you not only your captured memories but also “Effect Suggestions” and “Featured Photos” that is a collection of some of the best and most visited pictures and videos present in your huge library. The tab also comes with advanced features like long exposure, bounce and loop as soon as you enable the iCloud Photos on your device.

iOS 12 Photos 1

Sharing Pictures & Videos Is Way Easier-

The new tab offers an endless list of features to its users. One among those in the list is the advanced sharing options available with iCloud Photos app.
The Sharing Suggestions segment sorts the contacts who appear in the photos and videos of the selected album and then suggests its users share the album with the potential receivers. Your iOS might suggest you multiple contacts, but it is on you to decide whom to choose and whom to leave before sharing the album.

iOS 12 Photos 2

The suggestions can also be found in the Photos app as you swipe up the iMessage App Drawer in Messages. However, the feature does not restrict manual selection and sharing using the same old share sheet as in the older iOS versions.

Search Now Has Its Own Tab

In the previous iOS versions, each tab in the Photos app had a “search” option. However, “search” is a primary function and now has its own dedicated tab at the bottom reading “Search”. The tab has better and improved capabilities that are going to get you intelligent Search suggestions. Results prompt even before you finish typing your search requirements. Suggestions include people, places, events and dates.

iOS 12 Photos 4

These suggestions are not just text suggestions but matching photos, memories, places and moments. The Search tab also comes with keywords that help you find related content. The advanced features also allow you to look up for photos and videos based on places and events that you have captured by typing the specific keyword in the Search tab. The tab facilitates your search results by further allowing multiple keyword searches if you do not recall the exact details of the pictures you are searching for.

You Get More Options When Importing

If you do not want pictures to be sent to their same-old and generic catch-all albums iOS 12 has come up with better-importing features wherein you can choose the albums in which you want to import your pictures into from your DSLR or Snapchat or Instagram or create an album according to your preferences.

The ‘Album’ Tab Got Some New Tricks

Even the Album of the iOS 12 update has brand new features.
Instead of just categorising your pictures and videos under the self-created albums and the default ones like “Places” and “Recently Deleted” you can now store pictures under third-party app folders and separate sections for every topic.


Boring album names like “Live Photos”, “Screenshots” and “Bursts” have now been replaced with “Media Types”. Your gallery now holds links to import your deleted files, hidden pictures and history.

Other minor upgrades in the iOS 12 version of the Photos app-

Among the minor changes that have been included in the iOS 12 update is “Tweaks”. All the media type albums now have new personalised icons to make them distinct from each other.


No dual Operations-
The camera button is now safe from dual operations. Unlike its previous versions that had camera button to open both, camera and photo library, the iOS 12 version now utilises the button only to open the camera.
The photo library in messages has now been updated to a personalised Photos iMessage app inside the Messages.


Snap-chat like features-
Minor features also include Snapchat-like effects and filters in the Messages app. The all new iOS 12 update saves you from the difficulties of resorting to third-party apps every time you wish to add stickers, filters, crazy effects, shapes, texts and GIFs while sending pictures via messages.
All these functions are now available in the Messages app using the camera button itself.
Though you cannot make changes to the pre-existing pictures, you can take new pictures with the new features and save it in your camera roll.