How to Turn off Display ‘Tap to Wake’ and ‘Raise to Wake’ feature on iPhone X

Since many of the smartphones has a full-screen display and no buttons at all. If you are wondering on how to use it, then it’s pretty easy, one is the gesture option and secondly there are a couple of features like ‘Tap to Wake’ and ‘Raise to Wake’.

‘Tap to Wake’, used to be an Android feature, you could have found it in many Android smartphones, like LG, or Moton.

Another feature which is almost futuristic and is found on iPhone X is the ‘Raise to Wake’ feature and it will help you wake your phone up by only lifting it up. We have never ever seen this feature on iPhone, until iPhone X came out. I think it is important to mention that iPhone X is the first ever iPhone to have ‘Tap to Wake’ feature.

In simple words, when the screen of your phone is asleep, you will just need to tap once or twice and it will wake up. You will not need to press the home button anymore to wake your phone, the reason for this is that iPhone X doesn’t have a home button anymore, and is full screen.

iPhone Raise to Wake 1

Why to disable ‘Tap to Wake’ and ‘Raise to Wake’
Tap to wake
Raise to Wake

Why to disable ‘Tap to Wake’ and ‘Raise to Wake’

However, I am sure that some of you are asking on how to disable ‘Tap to Wake’ and ‘Raise to Wake’ feature on iPhone X. There are a few reasons why some people are bothered from ‘Tap to Wake’ feature.


Firstly, it consumes your battery and iPhone is not known for a good battery, so you will probably have to walk with a cable on you all the time.


Secondly it can be easily triggered without intention to do so. When you accidentally open it, that drains your battery.

Tap to wake

In order to use ‘Tap to Wake’ feature you will just need to tap your screen when your display is black and it will wake up. Keep in mind that this doesn’t unlock the device, just wakes it up, makes it ready for you to unlock it.
If you want to disable it, just follow these steps:


1. Go to the settings, on your iPhone X.


2. Once you have entered Settings, find General, and enter.


3. Inside the General options, you will need to find accessibility


4. When you are inside the Accessibility setting, scroll and find ‘Tap to Wake’.
Lastly you will just need to tap on it, to turn off.

iPhone Tap to Wake

Raise to Wake

All those people that already have Apple watches, know exactly what this is. Instead of tapping on your iPhones screen to wake it up, you can just Raise your phone and it will wake up without you having to press any button. This comes very handy when you take your phone off the pocket to check a notification that you received.


Here is how you can enable or disable this feature on iPhone X:
1. As always you start configuring something by going to settings.


2. Find and tap on ‘Display & Brightness’.


3. Once there, find ‘Raise to Wake’ and tap the switch to turn it on or off.

iPhone Raise to Wake
Since you enabled ‘Tap to Wake’ feature, now you can wake your screen as soon as you lift the iPhone.
If there are people out there who are bothered from this feature also, and I am sure that there are people, then just use the same steps again as we did in enabling it. Go to settings, Display & Brightness, turn the switch off, under the ‘Raise to Wake’ setting.
Smartphones are evolving really fast and new features like this will come out in daily basis. The objective is to make the phone as easy and futuristic as it can be and also make people lazier on daily basis.