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How to Reset Locked Android Phone to Factory Settings

September 5, 2017 Annie

Forgetfulness is an aspect ingrained in us so it’s not so much of a big deal when you forget your phone’s pattern, password, or PIN. Being locked out of your phone can be very stressful, especially if it’s your only way to communicate and store important files. But don’t worry no more. You can factory […]

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How to Remove Forgot Pattern/Password on Samsung Galaxy

September 3, 2017 Annie

While there are many ways you can lock your Samsung Galaxy device, it can be a pain to bypass the lock screen and get inside. Luckily, there a few methods that allow you to bypass or remove the screen lock, whether it’s a pattern or password. If you have been locked out of your device […]

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How to Recover Data If You Forgot Android Password

September 1, 2017 Annie

“Recently I bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 and want to transfer the old phone data containing software, settings and all relevant data to my new phone, but what is bothering me is that I forgot the screen lock password of the old device. Any way to restore the data to a new mobile phone in […]

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How to Reset Android Phone When Locked

August 29, 2017 Annie

Your Android screen lock is a secure barrier that prevents unauthorized access to your phone and the information contained in it.  It’s very effective and you can set it up within minutes. But once you forget your lock screen passcode, pin, or password, you can lose access to your phone and data. This can leave […]

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Samsung Fingerprint Lock: Bypass Fingerprint Lock without Data Loss

August 26, 2017 Annie

Samsung fingerprint lock is a great security measure that protects your privacy by restricting unauthorized access to your phone. However, it can sometimes become a liability, especially if the fingerprint scanner fails to recognize your fingerprints and locks you out of your phone. Although there are several methods you can use to bypass the fingerprint […]

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5 Ways to Bypass Samsung Lock Screen Pattern, PIN, Password and Fingerprint, Face Lock (700+ words)

August 24, 2017 Annie

Forgetting things is human nature. This isn’t changing anytime soon unless we figure out how to upload our consciousness into machines. Well, that aside, it’s common for some people to be locked out of their phones because they have forgotten their pin, pattern, and password. Or maybe the device has just failed to recognize their […]

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Solution to Bypass Android Lock Screen Fingerprint

August 22, 2017 Annie

Have you entered the wrong fingerprint too many times and now your phone has you locked out? Or has your device failed to recognize your fingerprints? Don’t worry, this is quite a common situation that most of us find ourselves in. However, this scenario can cause headaches to those who don’t how to unlock their […]

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How to Unlock Android PIN/Password without Any Data Loss

August 20, 2017 Annie

Millions of people worldwide are using smartphones today. This because smartphones come with a range of features that makes daily activity easy and it can protect your important documents. We use a range of protection methods like passwords and PINs to lock our screen to restrict unauthorized entry into our smartphones. Unfortunately, sometimes we end […]

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How to Remove LG Phone Screen Lock & Bypass Google Account Verification

August 17, 2017 Annie

LG phones just like other Android devices depend on password, pattern, fingerprint, face recognition to unlock the screen. Also, most of them use screen lock and Google Account Verification/ FRP to restrict access from unknown persons. As much as these security features are helpful, sometimes they can become a real pain in the ass, especially […]

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How to Break A Pattern Lock on Android

August 14, 2017 Annie

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where your phone pattern locks and you can’t remove it, then you understand how irritating it can be. A locked pattern can limit your access to your phone, making it hard to conduct various activities that depend on your phone. But don’t worry! In this guide, we […]

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