How to Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone

You have a high definition camera on your phone and you enjoy taking videos and capturing those memorable and important moments on your iPhone. But someday you’re on your phone, freeing up some space and mistakenly delete videos that are really important. You immediately panic. You check again, and sure enough, they’re gone.


There is no need to panic. Your phone has a few recovery options with different channels on how you can recover your deleted videos. The starting point is right from your handset before going online, which is the easiest and quickest method that works for iPhone X/8 (Plus)/7 (Plus)/6s (Plus)/6 (Plus) etc. I will take you through the various options available to get you out of this fix.

Part 1: Recover videos from a recently deleted folder
Part 2: How to restore your device from an iTunes backup
Part 3: Recover deleted videos from iPhone directly without backup
Part 4: Recover deleted videos from iTunes backup without restoring iPhone
Part 5: Selectively recover lost videos from iCloud backup without restoring iPhone

Recover videos from a recently deleted folder

This should be the first option to consider for newer versions of iOS. Your trusted iPhone comes with a Recycle Bin. This is available in the Photos app in iOS 8 or newer versions iOS 11. So yes, all the pictures and videos you delete are sent there. Here’s the best part, you are able to restore them within 30 days, after which they are automatically permanently deleted.


Here is how you will go about it:


1. Open the Photos app and tap the ‘Albums’ menu. All your photo albums will be displayed in tiles.


2. Scroll through and you will see one labeled ‘Recently Deleted’, and open it. In this folder, you will find all the photos and videos you have deleted.


3. To recover a video, all you will need to do is simply select it and tap ‘Recover’.

iPhone Recent Deleted

4. After you have repeated the process for all the items you wanted to recover, go back to ‘Albums’ or ‘Photos’ and view the undeleted video.

How to restore your device from an iTunes backup

It’s really simple;

1. Open iTunes on the Mac or PC and connect your device to the computer.


2. You then select your device when it appears in iTunes.(if it isn’t detected, update your iTunes version, unplug all other USB accessories and try again, or try a different Apple USB cable)


4. Select Restore Backup in iTunes.

Restore from iTunes Backup

5. Check the date and sizes of each backup and choose the most suitable.

iTunes Restore Backup

6. Click restore and wait for retrieval to complete.


7. Keep your device connected after it restarts and wait for it to sync with your computer then disconnect.


Recover deleted videos from iPhone directly without backup

However, restore backup from iTune will wipe your existing data, what’s worse, many of us never realize the importance of backup with iTunes until we lost the previous photos or videos. In order to get back the deleted videos, you will need an easy to use recovery toolkit.


I would recommend the most powerful recovery tool  iPhone Data Recovery, which supports to recover deleted videos and photos as well as messages, contact and other App data etc, and it supports iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s and the latest iOS 11.
Download WinDownload Mac

Step 1: Install and Launch iPhone Data Recovery. clicking ‘Data Recovery’ on the dashboard (on the left), then select ‘Recover from iOS Device’.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to computer with data cable.

Connect iPhone

Step 3: After detecting your iPhone, the software will be prompted the ‘Deleted Data from the Device’ menu and display all available file types to be recovered.

There, you have to choose the ‘videos’ box. After this, you have to launch the ‘Start Scan’.

iOS Select Files

Step 4: When the scan is done, it will show the recovered videos that were deleted on your iPhone. Preview the videos and tick on the videos you want to recover.

iOS Recover Device Photos

Step5: Finally finish the recovery process by clicking the ‘Recover to Computer’ button of the scanned files.


Recover deleted videos from iTunes backup without restoring iPhone

If iPhone Data Recovery can’t find the media directly from the phone, try the iTunes option;
Download WinDownload Mac
Step 1: Click ‘Recover from iTunes Backup File’ from the Data Recovery tool on the dashboard.


Step 2: Choose the desired backup and click ‘Start Scan’.

iOS Choose iTunes Backup

Step 3: All available backups will be shown after the scan

iOS iTunes Recover Photos

Step 4: Check the ones you wish to recover and click ‘Recover to Computer’

Selectively recover lost videos from iCloud backup without restoring iPhone

iPhone Data Recovery can also help you recover videos from your iCloud backup
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Step 1: On the dashboard, click ‘Data Recovery’, then select ‘Recover from iCloud Backup File’ then enter your Apple ID and password.

iOS iCloud Backup

Step 2: The program automatically scans for available backups.

Step 3: You can choose the desired file types and download it to your computer, In this case, tick on ‘Camera Roll’ & ‘App Videos’ and click ‘Next’ to go on.

Depending on amount of data, it may take a while so patience is advised.

Step 4: You can review the content once the download completes. 

Go through ‘Videos’, previewing them and checking the ones you want to recover.

Click ‘Recover to Computer’ to save your content.

iOS iCloud Recover Photos


Apple has provided some impressive data recovery options for your device, with the more recent versions of iOS exhibiting the most comprehensive capabilities. This platform secures your data and has safeguards on your phone, iTunes and iCloud, with software like iPhone Data Recovery providing a very good setup for comprehensive recovery.

Simply check and see which option works best for you and get back your deleted media.

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