How to Recover Deleted Call Log in Samsung Galaxy

To start with your question, you have to be familiar with those features Samsung has added in your Samsung Galaxy and you may not know yet, such as Samsung account backup and recovery functions. Never mind how many call logs you delete by accident or other causes, you can learn how to get them back by Samsung account from this step-by-step guide with photographs and details. Also you will get the other solutions for the recovering deleted Call logs or other data like photos, videos, messages, WhatsApp, documents, Messengers, notes, voice memos etc..


As mentioned above, there is a feature that can easily backup and restore call logs in your Samsung Galaxy, if you don’t know how to access to, refer to part 1.

Part 1: Restore Deleted Call Log from Samsung Account/Samsung Cloud
Part 2:Recover Deleted Call Log from Samsung Galaxy Directly

Samsung Phone

Restore Deleted Call Log from Samsung Account/Samsung Cloud

First of all, you must have a Samsung account, which you could easily create one with a Samsung phone. Sign in your Samsung account on your Samsung phone and it turned on the auto backup feature by defalut which will backup your call log as well as some other phone data to the Samsung Cloud.

Samsung Cloud Backup SMS

Next follow the instructions to restore your deleted call log from Samsung Cloud backup.


Step 1. Enter Settings > Accounts> Samsung account > Restore


Step 2. Next you can select what data types you want to recover. Here we should select and tick “Call logs”. Tap on “Restore now” once you have made your choice. After a while your Samsung Galaxy will restore your data.

Restore from Samsung Cloud
Note that restore call log from backup will wipe the existing call logs, and make sure your backup data is up to date.


So the way using Samsung account backup and restore feature isn’t so convenient, it needs previous backup and it will probably lose your recent data. However don’t be discouraged, you still have other better alternative to restore your deleted call logs from your Samsung Galaxy.

Recover Deleted Call Log from Samsung Galaxy Directly

Android Data Recovery toolkit is a professional and effective fixer for lost data including your call logs, photos, documents, videos, voice memos etc. directly from your Samsung Galaxy. It also allows you to selectively recover the files. This program has a high reputation around the world. See the steps below to recover your call logs.
Download WinDownload Mac
Step 1. After download and install the Data Recovery tool on computer, run it at once. Once you see the main menu, choose “Recover” option without hesitate.


Step 2. Plug Samsung Galaxy into computer via USB cable.

Connect Android to Computer

If you haven’t enabled USB debugging, a popup message will occur requesting you to do. If you have done, skip this step.

Android 6.0 Enable USB Debugging

Step 3. Select the data type you want to scan. In this case you should check the checkbox of Call History and click Next to go on.

Android Recovery Select File Type

Step 4. Choose the scan mode for the program to begin scanning your Samsung Galaxy. You are recommended to choose Standard Mode to shorten the scan time, if you cannot find the data you want you can back to select Advanced Mode. Anyway, click the button “Start”. If you receive a Super-user Request on your Galaxy, tap “Allow” to continue.

Android Recovery Select Recovery Mode

Step 5. Wait for a while. The time depends on the size of your data. Anyway please do not cut the connection or stop the process.

Android Recover Call Log

Step 6. Once your data have been scanned up, you will see the data you chose to recover in the main window. Select the specific call logs by ticking the checkbox after clicking the data type “Call History” by the left side.
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Hope the above guide has helped you get your deleted call logs back. So useful the tool is. It works for most of the Android devices such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony and so on. And you don’t need to worry about the data loss when recovering data with this safe software.

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