How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android

Hello all…..I am trying to recover deleted text messages, picture/video messages on my stock Samsung GalaxyS5, G-900A, running android 5.0 (lollipop). I have tried to utilize a few different android data recovery systems but all have failed in locating any of the deleted messages—likely because root access is required? I have looked everywhere and am under the impression that this particular phone still cannot be rooted due to the AT&T locked boot loader. I also understand that these types of deleted MSG files can be overwritten with extend use after initial deletion, however, I am only concerned with messages to and from one particular person, and there hasn’t been much use on the phone since they were deleted anyway. This was one of my company phones used by an employee and it is important that I recover these messages……I know that there has to be some way or method to locate and recover these messages—–PLEASE HELP——Thank you in advance.



Similar experience may happen to some of you, but have you ever heard that deleted messages are not completely wiped from your phone, instead, they are just “hidden” somewhere, waiting for your recovery…?

Part 1: Why Deleted Messages Can be Recovered?
Part 2: Guidance of Using Android Data Recovery to Recover Deleted Text Messages
Part 3: Avoid Losing Text Messages again- Using Android Data Backup & Restore

Part 1: Why Deleted Messages Can be Recovered?

Deleted messages have not been “deleted”. It will no longer be a subversive idea for you after knowing how deletion exactly works.

As a matter of fact, your phone just simply has your erased texts invisible, which means they are not perpetually gone right away. However, as you continue to use that device, the new messages will take the place of the old one, namely overwriting, so if you are going to get your text messages back, we suggest stopping using your phone.

Part 2: Guidance of Using Android Data Recovery to Recover Deleted Text Messages

Android Data Recovery, a super practical data recovery software, which can help you retrieve the messages and SMS that haven’t been overwritten within several clicks.
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Step 1: After running Android Data Recovery and select “Recover” feature from the dashboard, connect your phone to PC.

Connect Android to Computer

Step 2: This is an optional step – USB debugging. If you have done this before, just skip to the next step. You are going to choose your own debugging version and follow the instruction.

1) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter “Settings” < Click “About Phone” < Tap “Build number” for several times until getting a note “You are under developer mode” < Back to “Settings” < Click “Developer options” < Check “USB debugging”;
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings” < Click “Developer options” < Check “USB debugging”;
3) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter “Settings” < Click “Applications” < Click “Development” < Check “USB debugging”;

4.2.5 Enable USB Debugging

Step 3: Since you tend to recover your important deleted messages, it will be much quicker to just tick the box beside “Messaging”, then click on “Next” to move on.

Select File Type

Step 4: Two modes of scanning are to be selected: Standard or Advanced. Generally, a simple scan would be enough, so you can just choose the former one to do quick scanning. Click on “Start”.

Select Recovery Mode

Step 5: Preview and select the SMS that need to be retrieved, tap on “Recover” button and pick a location out on the computer to restore the reoccurred messages. You can see all the recoverable sent & received messages including chat details, sending/receiving time, phone number, as well as contact name.

Recover Deleted Messages on Android

Step 6: You can view your messages in TXT document or HTML document on the computer.

And you can transfer the messages back to the Android built-in Message with the help of APP “SMS Backup & Restore”,  just copy the XML document to your phone and restore by the App.

App SMS Backup & Restore

Part 3: Avoid Losing Text Messages again- Using Android Data Backup & Restore

Although it is quite simple to use Android Data Recovery to regain something significant, what if next time your messages are unluckily replaced by other data? Hence, the best way to prevent the loss from happening again is to do backup regularly. There are plenty of software that can be really helpful to backup your text messages, among which the toolkit for Android would be the first choice and you can know more about this Android Data Backup & Restore tool with the following process.


Step 1: Start the Android Recovery toolkit, choose Data Backup & Restore, and do connection between your device and the PC. Note that it is essential to enable USB debugging when a prompt pop up by choosing “OK”.

Connect Android to Backup & Restore

Step 2: The default setting is that all the file types are selected by the program, but they are all selective based on your specific need. Thus, in order to backup or restore your SMS much quicker, it would be better to choose “Messages” only in this case. Then click on “Backup” to move on.

Select Data to Backup

Step 3: Await the backup procedure for a while, and please pay attention to no-operation requirement during this process. When the backup is finished, click on the “View the backup” button to check what messages have been backed up.

Android Restore Contacts


The advantage of taking backup as a routine would be showed when data loss do happen, then you can simply launch Android Data Backup & Restore and recover those backup.
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What we can do is just to try our best to help you get important data back or give you some well-meant and sincere advice, but whether you can protect your data well is up to you ultimately. By the way, we have hope of receiving your comments and suggestions about our work!

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