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How to Free up Space on Your Android Device

January 11, 2018 Annie

Some things, though minor can be very annoying, and of them is having your phone give you the “Phone memory full” error message whenever you try to install an app, take a picture, download a video or a game, just to name but a few. This is quite annoying, and once this happens especially if […]

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How to Clear the App Data and Cache on Your Android

January 9, 2018 Annie

If you have used your Android smartphone for a while, then, it’s definite that you have ever been a victim of this common problem; misbehaving apps. The most common recommendations we usually get is about clearing the App data and the cached data. The fact is that these are two sure ways of dealing with […]

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Import and Export Android SMS with Simple Steps

January 7, 2018 Annie

Our SMS is important to us. They carry essential information about their lives and one may risk losing them when their phone or SD card gets damaged. Thus it is important that you back up your messages so that you can access them whenever you wish. In the past transferring SMS from devices required connecting your […]

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4 Ways to Import and Export Android Contacts

January 5, 2018 Annie

Your Phonebook contacts are very important part of your mobile data, that you may never want to lose. You might have gathered these contacts over the course of years, certainly you would want to stay intact. Therefore, you must always have a backup of your contacts. It’s preferable to save your contacts on Google Account, […]

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How to Manage App Permission on Android without Root Access

January 3, 2018 Annie

App permissions are basically the actions that an application can carry out once it has been installed on your phone. All the software you have installed on your device and all the sensors that it has can access information from your device. Applications in your device use these permissions to function. Since the new updates […]

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How to Speed Up Your Android Phone

December 31, 2017 Annie

Smartphones have made our lives very easy and simple. Today we can do so many things with our mobile phones. The days of just receiving and making calls or sending and receiving SMSes or MMSes are long gone. Now your mobile phone is a lot more than just a regular phone. With new features, designs, […]

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How to Exit Android Factory Mode

December 29, 2017 Annie

If your device displays a pop-up message with a transparent black background and yellow text with info about your phone like storage, camera, PDA, SCS or Battery level, it means you are factory mode. The factory mode can be activated when the EFS partition is corrupted in the event one installs custom ROMs or bad […]

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Fix Android Stuck at System Recovery

December 27, 2017 Annie

“Android System Recovery” or “Android Recovery Mode” is actually a recovery console present in smartphones which allow users get the phone out of some troubles. It can turn out to fix your system problems, wipe data and partition cache, install system update or flash a custom ROM, unlock the bootloader or root your phone. Though this mode […]

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How to Turn off Safe Mode on Android

December 25, 2017 Annie

It can be valuable knowing how to enter safe mode on Android if you think there are problems with your phone. We can provide simple steps to show you how to turn on safe mode on Android phones, especially for common brands like LG, Moto, and Samsung. We also have the steps for how to […]

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How to Reboot My Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5

December 23, 2017 Annie

The Samsung Galaxy smartphone series is incredible, but sometimes they freeze in the worst of moments. Luckily, Samsung installed a mechanism that allows users to forcefully restart/hard reset their devices without affecting any data stored in the device. Here, we are going to teach you how to do it. Part 1: How to force restart […]

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