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Android Stuck in Download Mode [Fixed]

December 21, 2017 Annie

Samsung Download mode is also called Odin mode and as the name suggests. It is used to flash Samsung firmware (Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/Note8/Note5/Note 4 etc.) by using Odin or other desktop software. Although it is fairly easy to get into and out of the Samsung download mode, there are times when your device may get […]

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How to Reset Samsung Device in Recovery Mode

December 19, 2017 Annie

If your Samsung device is suffering from slowdowns or glitches and you can’t solve it,  your best option is to turn to recovery mode. Recovery mode allows you to fix any underlying issues affecting your phone functionality.  With its help, you can get your phone up and running in a matter of minutes.  Discover how […]

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How to Exit Android Recovery Mode

December 17, 2017 Annie

Recovery mode is actually a bootable partition inside the Android phone that comes with an installed recovery console. Once you’ve entered the mode you can manually update the system software, clearing the cache partition or unlock the bootloader and root your device. But sometimes even Recovery Mode gets stuck, or your phone just refuses to boot […]

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How to Enter and Exit Recovery Mode on Android

December 15, 2017 Annie

Although most users never attempt to fix Android technological problems (Android bricked, death, phone keep restarting, App flashback) it is often possible. For users of most makes and models of Android phone, it isn’t as complicated as you might first imagine fixing a range of problems. When the phone becomes unresponsive or is affected by […]

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Top 3 Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode

December 13, 2017 Annie

Imagine you put your iPhone into DFU mode and want to upgrade software or jailbreak your iPhone, but you find the screen is black, as if you turned it off, although it is on. You try doing everything you can, but it just isn’t working. This scenario is an example of when your iPhone is […]

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How to Enter and Use Samsung Recovery Mode

December 11, 2017 Annie

The introduction of Samsung Galaxy Note8/S8 into the market has made people upgrade to the use of this device. Its introduction has made things shaken up as it comes with something that is completely new. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus does not have front Home buttons, and therefore the procedure for recovery mode for this type of […]

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How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung

December 8, 2017 Annie

When transferring the data from old Samsung to new Samsung, contact is one of the most important among the items. After a long period of accumulation, contacts certainly cannot be discarded. However, the data transfer between devices is not so easy, it is bothering to manually add them to the new Samsung one by one. […]

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How to Root Sony Xperia with or without Computer

December 6, 2017 Annie

Would you like to know how to Root Sony Xperia with or without computer? Well the following article will tell you everything that you may need to take into account and all the information needed to safely and easily gain root access to your Sony Xperia XZ/XZS/Z5/Z3/Z2/Z1 mobile phone. In the following article I will […]

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How to Unlock the Bootloader and Root HTC One

December 4, 2017 Annie

Are you one of those technology bugs who loves exploring new gadgets? Wait! I am not going to talk only about the smart phones and their features. Do you want your HTC one Smartphone to act like a super gadget with the advanced functions and the apps you cannot get with the regular Smartphone. So, […]

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How to Jailbreak A Motorola/Moto G Phone

December 2, 2017 Annie

Moto G is one of the most widely used smartphones Motorola has ever made. It is full of incredibly useful features that will allow you to gain the level of functionality that modern life requires. Of course, to properly use its features and take full advantage of the incredible processing power the Moto G has […]

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