[Solved] Solution to Bypass Android Lock Screen Fingerprint

My Samsung decided not to recognize my fingerprint so I am locked out of it, and I don’t want to get any Google reset option or recovery mode to reset my phone, which will lose many significant documents and pictures on my phone. Now I will be asked to rescan my fingerprint every 60 min but really don’t know what to do. Any solutions to bypass Android lock screen fingerprint?


Question from a new friend. Actually that’s what many others came across sometimes. You know the fingertip is correct but it just didn’t accept, maybe your finger is hurt or the scanner has some bugs. But don’t worry, here we give you step-by-step guides to unlock your screen in different situations.

Part 1: Unlock Your Phone with Google Account
Part 2: Use Samsung Find My Mobile to Bypass Lock Screen Fingerprint
Part 3: Hard Reset Your Phone to Bypass Lock Screen Fingerprint
Part 4: Use Lock Screen Removal Toolkit to Bypass Fingerprint Lock without Data Loss
Part 5: How to Delete the Existing Fingerprint When You are Back in

Unlock Your Phone with Google Account

For some Android phone models, when you enter the wrong fingerprint for a certain period of time on the lock screen, you can see the “Unlock via Google” button to verify your Google account, which will unlock your Android phone.

Unlock with Google Account

If you can’t see the “Unlock via Google”, you need to visit Google Find My Device on computer browser.

Sign in your Google account. Choose your device and click Erase button to factory reset your phone, which will wipe all the settings and phone data as well as the lock screen fingerprint.

Google Find my Phone Website

Note: The Google account should have been associated with your locked phone before. If you forget your Google account, you cannot use this method.

Use Samsung Find My Mobile to Bypass Lock Screen Fingerprint

If you have a Samsung account signed in the locked device, you can definitely unlock the fingerprint screen, too.


1. Visit Samsung Find My Mobile from browser and login Samsung account.

Samung Find my Mobile

2. Click UNLOCK MY DEVICE button.


3. Enter the Samsung account password and click UNLOCK.

Samsung Find my Mobile Unlock

Now the device will be unlocked as you see the lock icon gets green.

When the above methods failed to access, you may have to hard reset your device to remove lock screen. This method will lead to data loss. If you didn’t make a backup, you will lose all the data.

Hard Reset Your Phone to Bypass Lock Screen Fingerprint

Entering the recovery mode to reset your phone is the most common way applying to almost any Android device. It doesn’t require anything done before, but all your photos, messages, notes, contacts, call logs, music, app data, documents etc. have to be wiped out. In addition, different device entering recovery mode may have a slight difference. Refer to the below steps.


Step 1: Switch off your phone.


Step 2: Boot your phone into Recovery Mode


For Samsung devices:

Press and hold the Volume Up key & Home/Bixby button & Sleep/Wake button at the same time for 10 seconds approximately. When you feel the vibration of the phone, don’t release the buttons until you see the software update screen.

Samsung Recovery Mode Screen 1

It will check for update and about 30 seconds later you will see another blue screen with big “!” logo.

Samsung Recovery Mode Screen 2

Next wait for another 60 seconds until you see the recovery mode menu.

Boot into Recovery Mode

For Google Nexus/Pixel and Moto:

Press and hold the Power button& Volume Down button simultaneously for about 10 seconds until you see “Start” at the top and an Android mascot.
Press Volume Down key twice, after which you should see the Recovery mode in red up at the top right corner. Press the Power button to select it and it will boot into recovery mode.

Fastboot Recovery Mode

For LG device:

Press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button at the same time, until you see the LG logo, release the Power button, and then press it again (you should continue to press the volume down button), now you should be in the recovery mode.


Step 3: After entering the recovery mode, press Volume Down/Up to move to “Wipe out/Factory data reset” and select it by pressing the Power button.

Step 4: Move to option “Yes-delete all user data” with Volume Down button and confirm by Power button.

Recovery Mode Confirm Wipe Data

Step 5: Once your device restarts, your device has completed the factory reset.


Note: Whenever you failed the step, long press the Power button to power off your device, and then start afresh from the first step.


The above method will clean the data of your phone, leaving no trace at all. If you haven’t made a backup before, you’ll lose all or some of your new data, even if you’ve made a backup. So, is there a better way to keep all the data in the phone while unlocking the fingerprint lock? The answer is YES. You can bypass the fingerprint lock with a professional Android Lock Screen Removal toolkit introduced in next part.

Use Lock Screen Removal Toolkit to Bypass Fingerprint Lock without Data Loss

Android Lock Screen Removal toolkit supports Samsung and LG device at present period, to bypass fingerprint lock without losing any data. It can also remove the other types of lock, PIN, password and pattern with few clicks. Easy and effective operations are shown in below steps.
Download WinDownload Mac

Step 1. Run the Android Lock Screen Removal toolkit, select the module “Lock Screen Removal” from the options. Click “Start” when you see the button in next window.

Android Locked Screen Removal

Step 2. You will be asked to connect your device to computer using USB cable. Follow it to get into the selection of device model. Select the right model from the options menu clicking the arrow. Then click on the button “Next” at the bottom.

Locked Screen Removal Select Model

Step 3. Next you have to boot into the download mode. The toolkit will download and install the recover package for your device automatically.


On Samsung Device:

1.Power off the device.

2. Press and hold Volume Down + Home button + Power button at the same time until the warning screen appears after several seconds.

3. Press the Volume Up button once to enter the Download Mode.

Samsung Lock Screen Removal

On LG device:

1. Turn off your LG phone and disconnect USB cable

2. Press and hold the Volume Up button and plug in the USB meanwhile

3. Release the button once the LG logo appears. You have entered download mode by now.

LG Locked Screen Removal
Step 4. It takes some time to download and recover your device. Once the process complete you will see the Remove button.

Locked Screen Removal Remove

Click the Remove button and wait for the software bypass the lock screen.

Complete Locked Screen Remove
Download WinDownload Mac
Once you have removed the lock screen, go to delete the existing fingerprint quickly. Otherwise you will be troubled with the old fingerprint that is not recognized anymore. Delete the invalid fingerprint and reset a new one to use. Fingerprint deletion could be completed in Settings when you are back in.

How to Delete the Existing Fingerprint When You are Back in

1. Go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Fingerprint


2. Type on the Backup password to enter the fingerprin managementnt.


3. Long press the fingerprint to select the fingerprint you want to remove and tap on REMOVE in the upper right corner.

Samsung Remove Fingerprint

4. Now you can add a new fingerprint.


Therefore, With Google Find My Device, or Samsung account, you can easily unlock your screen without fingerprint. If you cannot use the two, or you don’t want to lose data when removing the lock, which would happen in the way using Google account or Recovery mode, Android Lock screen Removal toolkit is the best bet waiting for helping your Samsung or LG phone.

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