How to Break A Pattern Lock

Most Android user will set up screen pattern locks to prevent others from checking or modifying the information in their phones, protecting privacy and the security of mobile content. But what if you were the one who was turned away, just because you forgot your new pattern? Or the screen lock prevents you from continuing to unlock after your 5 attempts failed.


In this helpless situation, don’t panic, your pattern lock can be removed. There several ways can remove the lock. Read carefully to find which fits your situation.

Part 1: Using Forgot Pattern to Unlock the Pattern in Earlier Android Versions
Part 2: Unlock the Pattern by Erasing your Phone with Google Find My Device
Part 3: Use Lock Screen Removal to Break the Pattern Lock without Data Loss
Part 4: Break the Pattern Lock by Factory Reset Your Phone in Recovery Mode

Using Forgot Pattern to Unlock the Pattern in Earlier Android Versions

If your phone is in earlier Android version and you have signed in a Google account, Google account plays a significant part in unlocking the pattern. You can easily modify the pattern lock by Google account.


1. In Android 4.4 KitKat or older devices, if you have tried the wrong pattern five times, you can tap on “Forgot Pattern” once you get the pop-up.
2. Enter your Google account and password. Make sure you have connected to the internet with Wi-Fi or mobile data.


3. The pattern lock will be reset as soon as your google account successfully logged in.

Android Forgot Pattern

So easy it is but it just fits the devices running Android 4.4 and earlier version. If you cannot use the Google account to break the pattern lock, you can draw support from Android Device Manager to unlock, which can work on devices running version 2.2 and higher.

Unlock the Pattern by Erasing your Phone with Google Find My Device

You can erase your phone with Google Find My Device remote control, it will factory reset your phone data as well as remove your pattern locked. Keep in mind that this method will wipe all your phone data.


1. Install Find My Device App on another device or go to computer browser to access Google Find My Device website.

Google Find my Device

2. Sign in your Google account to continue


3. Click on “Erase” button once your phone is found.


4. Now Google will erase all contents as well as settings and lock screen from your device.

Google Find my Phone Website

Ntoe: The Google Find My Device is a built-in feature on Android and it will be turned on by default once you log in your Google accountout on your Android device. But if you have turned it off, this remote control feature will be unavailable.

You can check it in Settings > Google > Security > Find My Device, and check if the option “Remotely locate this device” and “Allow remote lock and erase” is on.


This is an effective way to unlock your pattern lock but it will erase all your phone data.
If you want to break the pattern lock but do not lose your data, try to unlock your phone with the help of Android Lock Screen Removal.

Use Lock Screen Removal to Break the Pattern Lock without Data Loss

The Lock Screen Removal is one of the main features of the program called Android Lock Screen Removal, a handy software dealing with a variety of phone issues including breaking the forgotten pattern screen lock. See how easy and safe it is.


Note: The lock screen remove feature currently only supports Samsung and LG phones.
Download WinDownload Mac
Step 1. Launch Lock Screen Removal Toolkit on computer. Once you get the main menu, choose the module “Lock Screen Removal.”

Step 2. Plug your phone into computer and click “Start” button to begin.

Android Locked Screen Removal

Step 3. Select your phone model and confirm it. Click button “Next” to move on.

Locked Screen Removal Select ModelStep 4. The toolkit will ask you put your phone into Download Mode. Follow the instructions:


On Samsung phones
1. Power off your Samsung Device
2. Press and hold the Volume Down + Home button + Power button simultaneously until you get the screen of Download Mode Warning
3. Press the Volume Up button to confirm to enter the Download Mode.

Samsung Lock Screen Removal

On LG phones
1. Turn off your LG phone and pull out the USB cable.
2. Press and hold the Volume Up button and plug in the USB cable when you are holding the button.
3. Release the button once you access the LG logo, your phone will be in download mode.

LG Locked Screen Removal

Step 5. To remove the pattern lock, the toolkit will download and install the recovery package on your phone automatically. What you need to do is to wait. Don’t disconnect the phone during this several-minutes process. Once the process complete, click the button “Remove” to go on.

Locked Screen Removal Remove

Your screen lock will be removed after few minutes.

During the whole process using the Lock Screen Removal, you won’t lose any of your data on your phone.

Complete Locked Screen Remove Download WinDownload Mac

Break the Pattern Lock by Factory Reset Your Phone in Recovery Mode

You can try to factory reset your phone in Recovery mode on your Android phone to remove the pattern lock. But this method will erase all information and files including your pictures, notes, contacts, messages etc. If you have backed up your phone on Google account or Samsung account etc before, you can restore some of your data from the backup.

Note: We don’t recommend it for those who don’t have any backup.


See how in the next part.
1. Power off your Android phone
2.On Samsung phone, press and hold Volume Up + Home/Bixby button + Power button at the same time until you see the software menu.

Samsung Recovery Mode Screen 1

Next wait for about 2 munites until it goes to the recovery mode.

Note: on other Android devices, press Vol Up + Power button for 10 seconds and it will boot inot recovery mode directly.

Boot into Recovery Mode3. Use Volume Down/Up button to select the options and use Power button to confirm.
Select the “Wipe data/factory reset” by similar way using Vol buttons. Press Power button to confirm.

4. Then choose “Yes- delete all user data” from the next list and press Power button. It will factory reset your phone and restart automatically.

Recovery Mode Confirm Wipe DataFactory reset to remove the pattern lock works for all devices but it will delete all data on your phone.

So far, we have introduced several different ways above, hope they are helpful to unlock your phone.

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