4 Solutions to Reset your Android Lock Screen Password

Whether you’ve forgotten the password that you just set up long ago or just got a second-hand Android phone, maybe for a variety of reasons enumerated below, you are looking for solutions to unlock your Android lock screen and reset the password:


– The password is set by your child or someone else.


– The screen is locked due to the incorrect password entered many times.


– The password cannot be entered because the screen is broken.


A lot cases like this. It seems a nightmare but there are certainly several approaches to solve it out.

Android Locked Screen 3

Part 1: Remotely Reset Android Lock Screen Password with Samsung Find My Mobile
Part 2: Erase Your Phone with Google Find My Device to Remove Lock Screen Password
Part 3: Factory Reset Your Phone in Recovery Mode to Remove Lock Screen Password
Part 4: Reset Android Lock Screen with Lock Screen Removal without Any Data Loss

Remotely Reset Android Lock Screen Password with Samsung Find My Mobile

For instance, you can remotely reset your Android Lock Screen Password through Samsung Find My Mobile if your device is Samsung and have logged in to Samsung account. The remote controls button should have been switched on by default, which enabled the feature of Find My Mobile to unlock your phone.


Pros: Remove lock screen without data loss.
Cons: Only suits for Samsung device, and you must have enabled the feature prior to the matter.


Step 1: Visit the Samsung Find My Mobile website on your computer browser or other devices.


Samung Find my Mobile

Step 2: Sign in your Samsung account that log in to the locked device.


Step 3: Then you will see the locked phone icon at the left top window. Click “Unlock my device” in right side window.


Step 4: Enter the account email and password again, after which your phone is accessible without lock screen.

Samsung Find my Mobile Unlock

Erase Your Phone with Google Find My Device to Remove Lock Screen Password

Usually when you get a new Android device you would be prompted to create a Google account, it will be a big help when you forgot your lock screen password.


In Android 4.4 KitKat or lower, you can easily access your Google account and reset the screen lock after 5 times error you entered by clicking “Unlock via Google/Forgot password” when it appears on your screen.

Unlock with Google Account

But for Android 5.0 and up, with the phone not showing “forgot password” button anymore, you can only bypass the lock screen by remotely erasing your phone with Google Find My Device feature and it will erase all your phone data and settings. You cannot directly remove the lock but need to erase device with Google account.

Note: After you log in to your Google account on your Android device, it will enabled the Find My Device feature and turn on the remote control option by default.


Pros: Work for all Android device associated with Google account.
Cons: To bypass the lock screen, you have to erase your Android device which will lose all your phone data.


Step 1: Visit Find My Device website on your computer and sign in your Google account.

Google Find my Phone Website

Step 2: By default it will deal with your current phone, but if you have other devices associated, you should select the correct device in the upper left window.


Step 3: Click “Erase” by left side. Google will erase everything in your device.


Step 4: Now your Android device can be available for you.


Factory Reset Your Phone in Recovery Mode to Remove Lock Screen Password

What if you forgot your Google account and don’t have a  Samsung accounts at all? The resort is to perform a factory reset in Recovery Mode menu, but this will erase everything.


Pros: Works for all devices and all situations to remove the lock screen
Cons: Clean everything in your device


Follow the steps below to perform a factory reset.


Step 1: Switch off your Android device.


Step 2: Boot your phone into recovery mode.


For Samsung devices:

Long press the Volume Up + Home button (Bixby button for Samsung S8) + Power button together for about 10 seconds until you get the software update screen. Don’t release when feeling the phone vibrating.

Samsung Recovery Mode Screen 1

After about 30 seconds it will show up a big “!” icon.

Samsung Recovery Mode Screen 2

Don’t worry, It will automatically go to the recovery mode menu 1 minute later.

Boot into Recovery Mode

For Google Nexus/Pixel and Moto:
Long press the Power button and Volume down button simultaneously for about 10 seconds until you see “Start” at the top and an Android mascot.
Press Volume down twice, then you will see Recovery mode in red up at the top right. Press the Power key to select it to boot into the recovery mode.

Fastboot Recovery Mode

For LG device
Press and hold the Power button and the Volume down key at the same time until the LG logo appears, then release the Power button and then press it again (keep pressing the Volume down key throughout). Now you can see the recovery mode menu.


Step 3: After entering the recovery mode, use Volume Down/Up button to move down/up to the option “Wipe out/Factory data reset” and confirm by pressing Power button once.

Step 4: Navigation to “Yes-delete all user data” with Volume buttons and pressing Power button to confirm. From here, your device will begin the reset process.

Recovery Mode Confirm Wipe Data

Step 5: Once the process completes, select the “Reboot now” by volume key.

After you Android device boot on, you will see the setup screen just like a brand new phone.
In case the device has trouble at any step, long press the power button to power off your device and then repeat the whole process again from the first step.


Note: some of the Android phones may have Factory Reset Protection (FRP), which is turned on by default in device running Android 5.1 and up to prevent others from factory reset the stolen phone. If your device FRP is on, go to contact Google or move to the next solution.

Reset Android Lock Screen with Lock Screen Removal without Any Data Loss

The last resort is the revolutionary Android Lock Screen Removal Toolkit. In the process of enjoying the convenience of technology unlocking, all the settings and data on your device is safe and will not be wiped. And the operation is very easy that everybody can hold it. The efficiency and effectiveness of its feature Lock Screen Removal will make you very satisfied.


Read on to remove the lock screen password in 5 minutes.


Pros: Remove password without losing any data in your device.
Cons: Currently supports only Samsung and LG device.
Download WinDownload Mac
Step 1. Run the Android Lock Screen Removal and select “Lock Screen Removal” in the main menu. Click Start button to enable the work.

Android Locked Screen Removal

Step 2. Connect your Samsung/LG into computer via USB cable. Manually select your device model by clicking the drop-down arrows. Once you have reconfirmed the information, click on the button “Next” to move on.

Locked Screen Removal Select Model

Step 3. Follow the instructions to enter the Download mode on your Android device.


If you are using Samsung phone:

1.Turn off your phone

2. Long press the Volume Down key & Home button & Sleep/Wake button together until you see the Warning screen.

3. Press the Volume Up button to confirm to enter the download mode.

Samsung Lock Screen Removal

If you are using LG phone:

1. Turn off your phone and pull out the USB cable.

2. Long press the Volume Up button and plug in the USB cable while holding the button.

3. Release the button once you access the LG logo, your phone will be in download mode.

LG Locked Screen Removal Step 5. After you boot into the download mode, the toolkit will begin downloading recovery package. Just wait for a few minutes.

Once the process complete, click on the Remove button to move on.

Locked Screen Removal Remove

Step 6. Lock Screen Removal is finished along with the message “Remove password completed”.

Complete Locked Screen Remove Download WinDownload Mac
Till now, have your lock screen password been removed? In either case you are, locked out your Android phone due to the forgotten password, you can use the above solutions to unlock or reset it.


Perhaps for the Samsung device, it’s quite easy to remove your lock screen password with the help of Samsung Find My Mobile. As for other Android devices, you still can use Google Find My Device and the Android Lock Screen Removal toolkit, or the worst plans, to perform factory reset.


If you have done backup regularly, you won’t need to worry about data loss due to erase your phone or factory reset. But if you didn’t make backup before, you are recommended to use Android Lock Screen Removal.

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