How to Fix an iPhone/iPad/iPod Keeps Freezing

Under some circumstances your iPhone/iPad come across a big headache such as being frozen, stuck at Apple logo, black screen, white Apple, being bricked, boot loop, blue screen of death etc.

  • My iPad is stuck on the apple logo. it just shut off, and I turned it on, and the apple logo won’t go away. sometimes the screen goes black, and then the apple logo shows back up. Help!!!!!!
  • I dropped my iPhone from my bed, it was a 20cm fall on the carpet and the screen doesn’t work, the phone is ringing but the screen is
  • I tried pressing the button on top and front of screen for over a minute,  nothing worked, then I waited until the power ran out of it and recharged it. I turned it back into a white screen again.

This article can make you calm and guide you how to fix freezing iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/5s/5/, iPad Pro/Air/Mini, iPod Touch with iOS 11. According to different situations of your iOS, there are various solutions as well. Follow the methods and steps you may be able to fix your iPhone/iPad/iPod keeps freezing.

Part 1: How to fix an iPhone/iPad Freezing
Part 2: Fix an iPhone/iPad Freezing Without Restoring Your iPhone

Part 1: How to fix an iPhone/iPad Freezing

Method 1: Force Restart your iPhone/iPad

Press and hold Power Button and Home Button (Power Button and Volume Down button for iPhone 7/7 plus) at the same time for several seconds, then your iPhone will be powered off, and you should keep pressing the Power Button until it restarts.

iPhone Hard Reset

If your iPhone did not power off but turn black screen, you should loosen the buttons, and then long press Power button and Vol Down until the phone restart.

Method 2: Update/Restore iPhone with iTunes

If your iPhone was still freezing after the restart, connect your iPhone to computer and run the iTunes.
Once iTunes recognizes your device, turn to soft reset your iPhone, just select “Update” button to upgrade your iOS system, and it will keep the iPhone data.

Restore from iTunes Backup

If your iPhone couldn’t successfully be updated, you need to click “Restore iPhone” which will erase the data and reset your iPhone. After your iPhone upgraded, you can log in your iCloud account to restore your data from iCloud or Tunes backup.

iTunes Restore iPhone

Note that the jailbroken iPhone can’t use this way, otherwise there will be an update bug.

Method 3: Put Your iPhone into Recovery Mode

If iTunes cannot recognize your frozen iPhone/iPad/iPod, don’t panic, iOS has the feature of recovery mode to connect your bricked iPhone to iTunes.


1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and run iTunes on computer then. If Tunes is already open, cut and rerun it.
Make sure you are using the latest iTunes version.


2. Force Restart your iPhone. For iPhone 6s or earlier model, press and hold the Power button and Home button at the same time. For iPhone 7 or newer press, hold the Power button and the Volume Down button, long press the both button for about 20 seconds until you see the recovery mode screen, do not release when you catch sight of the Apple logo halfway.

iPhone connect to iTunes 2

3. Once you see the popup window about iTunes has detected your device, click the button “Update”. iTunes will download the firmware for your iPhone/iPad and reinstall iOS without wiping your data.
If the download time exceeds 15 minutes and your iPhone/iPad exits the recovery mode, let the download complete and then repeat the above steps, next choose “Restore iPhone” button to restore your iPhone.

4. With Update or Restore finished, your next step is setting up your iPhone/iPad.

Method 4: Restore Your iPhone in DFU Mode

If your iPhone/iPad cannot enter the Recovery Mode or stuck in Recovery Mode, it will be quite complicated. Follow method 4 to put your iPhone/iPad into DFU mode carefully.


Connect your iPhone/iPad to computer and launch iTunes. Press and hold the Power button & Home button (Volume Down button for iPhone 7 or newer) for 10 seconds until its screen turn black, then release the Power button but keep pressing Home button/Vol Down button until iTunes prompts “iTunes has detected a device in Recovery Mode.”

Note that during the process of entering DFU Mode, the screen of your iPhone/iPad should be blank and no logos will appear, so whether your iPhone/iPad succeeds entering DFU mode depends on whether the iTunes has the prompts of detecting your iPhone/iPad.

Part 2: Fix an iPhone/iPad Freezing Without Restoring Your iPhone

Restoring your iPhone in recovery mode or DFU mode has the disadvantage that the data of your iPhone/iPad/iPod are likely to be lost during the restoring process. And some of the data may not be restored from iCloud or iTunes. However, iOS System Recovery toolkit, a professional tool, is your best choice because it can fix your frozen iPhone and strongly protect all your data and works well without restoring your iPhone. Follow the steps below to witness how convenient it is.
Download WinDownload Mac
Step 1: Launch the iOS System Recovery Toolkit after installing. Connect your iPhone/iPad with USB cable and the software will detect your device automatically. Choose “System Recovery” from the main menu. Click “Start” to continue.

System Recovery Step 2: Put your iPhone into DFU mode.

For iPhone 7 or newer:

Press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button for 10 seconds, then release the Power button but keep pressing Vol Down button until the software detect your iPhone/iPad, you will see the software displaying the device information.

Put into DFU iPhone 7

System Recovery Choose Model

For iPhone 6s or earlier:

Press Power button and Home button for 10 seconds, next release the Power button but keep pressing Home button until the software detects detect your iPhone/iPad.

Put iPhone into DFU Mode

Note: If you have tried many time but fail to enter the DFU mode ,try to put your iPhone into recovery mode.

Click the “If your device fails to activate DFU mode, please click here to enter Recovery Mode” in the bottom of the window.

Put into DFU mode Fail

For iPhone 7 or newer:

Long press Power button and Vol Down button at the same time for about 20 seconds until you see the recovery mode screen and the software detects your iPhone, don’t release the buttons when you see the Apple logo.


For iPhone 6s or earlier:

Long press Power button and Home button at the same time for about 20 seconds until you see the recovery mode screen and the software detects your iPhone, don’t release the buttons when you see the Apple logo.

Put into Recovery Mode

Step 3: To fix your iPhone/iPad, the software will download the correct firmware for your device. It will detect your iPhone/iPad model so that you don’t need to alter the version information, you just need to click “Download” button then.


It will take a little longer time to complete the download process. Please wait patiently.


Step 4: After it completes downloading, System Recovery toolkit is going to repair the problem of your iPhone/iPad once you click “Fix Now”. Please wait several minutes for it to fix your freezing iPhone/Pad. Once the program informs you that “Repair of the operating system is complete”, your iPhone/iPad will return to normal mode.

iOS Repairing Download WinDownload Mac
Using iOS System Recovery toolkit you can make it effortless to fix the frozen iPhone, black iPhone, bricked iPhone, White Apple and other system problem. Through comparison, System Recovery Toolkit overshadows the former solutions. It can keep your data safe on your device while the former methods will leave risk of data loss.

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