How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

Losing phone data can be hectic at times. This is however not a problem when you have an iPhone. There are several ways in which you may be able to recover this data. It becomes even easier in the case that you usually back up your messages or data. This is why it is highly advisable to always back up your iMessages.


This, however, does not mean that you cannot be able to recover your lost messages. This article will show you how to recover deleted text messages on iPhone X/8/7/6/5S.

Part 1: Restoring your iPhone from iCloud Backup
Part 2: Directly Recovering only Deleted Text Messages from iPhone Without Restoring the Phone
Part 3: How to Selectively Restore Text Messages from iCloud Backup

Restoring your iPhone from iCloud Backup

As mentioned above this is the simplest way of restoring data. In the case that you had already backed up your phone before losing your details, you can be able to restore the phone and get all your iMessages back. The below procedure will guide you on how to do this:


1.Go to the Setup Screen
Go to the settings application on your phone and move to the “General” tab in the settings area. You will be able to find the “Reset” button in this section.


Once you tap the “Erase All Contents and Settings”, it allows the user to delete all the phone data. This will in turn take you to the setup screen that allows you to restore the phone data.

Reset iPhone

2.Restore from iCloud Backup
From this point on, you just need to follow the instructions stated. Once you reach the “Apps and Data section/Set up your iPhone”, select restore the device from iCloud backup.

Restore from iCloud Backup

You will have to sign into your iCloud account in order to be able to backup. When signing in ensure that you use your Apple ID and password. You should remain connected to the wireless connection in order for the process to complete.


These are the two simple steps to complete your restore procedure. The main disadvantage of this process is that you will have to overwrite all your current data in order to restore your lost data. The other disadvantage is that with this process you will not be able to retrieve specific messages.

Directly Recovering only Deleted Text Messages from iPhone Without Restoring the Phone

If you want to recover data from iPhone without backup, there is no other tool you need than iPhone Data Recovery, the best part about this method, compared to the former, is that the user will be able to retrieve lost SMS without having to restore the whole phone as in the other method.
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In order to do this you can follow the steps below:
Step 1: Run the program and choose “Recover” feature on the dashboard.

Step 2: Connect your phone to a computer

Connect iPhone

Step 3: Check the “Messages & Attachments” section then the “Start Scan” option. This will start scanning the phone for messages and other attachments.

iOS Select Files
Step 4: Choose the messages and message attachment options once the scan is complete. This will provide a preview of all the messages found. You will be able to see all the messages one by one.


Step 5: From here you can be able to specifically choose and recover the specific messages you want from your device.

iOS Recover iCloud Messages
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How to Selectively Restore Text Messages from iCloud Backup

Due to safety reasons or prevent accidental file deletion, people prefer moving or backing up messages and other items on iCloud. Others on the other hand even prefer storing the messages and other items externally.

But how to recover specific text messages from iCloud backup and restore it to your iPhone instead of restoring the whole backup file. This process is really easy. You need to follow the steps below:


Step 1: Launch the iPhone Data Recovery program and choose “Recover” feature on the dashboard.

Next click on “Recover iOS Data”, you don’t have to connect your device to computer.

Connect iPhone

Step 2: Go to the left side of the window and select the option of “Recover from iCloud Backup File”
Log in using your iCloud credentials. It is important to take note that the program really follows strict safety protocols, meaning that it does not store any private information.

iOS iCloud Backup
Step 3: After logging in, the program scans all the backup programs available. You can choose the backup file required.

Select the file type you want to download on the pop-up screen that appears.

Step 4: Once the scan is complete, a list of files will be available. The list is available in the iCloud backup folder, you can preview all the text messages in the backup File.

iOS Recover iCloud Messages

Step 5: After you choose the desired file, connect your iPhone to the computer and choose “Restore to Device” option, and you can now move the specific recovered text messages to your iPhone.

Or just click on the “Recover to Computer” option. This will back up the messages on your computer.
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