How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to iPhone

April 27, 2017 Annie

For transferring photos from Samsung Galaxy S/Note to iPhone/iPad, there are two general ways of photos’ backup and transfer, which are through local storage and through the cloud, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. For a simple idea, the cloud needs an Internet connection to upload, sync, and download any file while local storage […]

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How to Transfer Contacts and Messages from Samsung to iPhone

April 26, 2017 Annie

“Hello, I got a new iPhone 7, and I own an old Samsung Galaxy S7. There are many important text messages conversation (700+) and family contacts stored on my old S7 and I need to move these data from my Galaxy S7 to iPhone 7, how? Any help? — Quote from” As soon as […]

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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy

April 25, 2017 Annie

“I bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 and want to move the contacts info stored in my iPhone 6 to the new S8. How can I transfer iPhone’s contacts to Samsung S8 with the simplest method?” As the release of the hottest Samsung’s impressive Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge, lots of people who convinced by its […]

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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android

April 24, 2017 Annie

Always, there are people who are keen on moving pictures from iPhone to Android. Why is it so? Indeed, there are many reasons: 1.People who own both an iPhone and an Android phone have stored thousands of images inside their iPhones, which leads to insufficient storage space in system. 2.Switch phone from iPhone to newly-launched […]

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How to Sync iCloud Calendar to Samsung Galaxy

April 19, 2017 Annie

Nowadays, fewer people prefer carrying around pens and paper all day to mark down important things, and in fact, they think digital calendar as a convenient and efficient way of noting. The digital calendar set on the phone makes it possible for us to record the future events on the exact days, and it has […]

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3 Ways to Transfer data from iPhone to Android

April 18, 2017 admin

As the Samsung Galaxy S8 hit the market, there will be some iPhone users would like to purchase new Android phones. However, changing a new phone with a relatively different operating system will always trouble you a lot when thinking about transferring the previous data between them. You won’t have true happiness until you get […]

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4 Solutions to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

April 14, 2017 Annie

With the release of the latest generation of iPhone – iPhone7/iPhon 7 Plus, there are numerous Android users replacing their old Android phone with a newly launched iPhone. It is no exaggeration to say that the top concern of changing a new phone is moving contacts between your old phone and the new one. Though […]

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How to Transfer SMS from iPhone to Android

April 8, 2017 Annie

When you switch your phone from iPhone to an Android phone, the top concern must be how to move SMS between these two phones supported by totally different systems. What makes text messages so important, especially to the merchants, is that SMS may cover your chat transcripts with your family, friends, workmates as well as […]

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How to Transfer iCloud Photos to Android

April 7, 2017 Annie

When we go on a vacation, when we get together with family relatives, when our kids celebrate his/her birthday, we tend to take photos to record these precious memories. The camera function of iPhone is extremely great, but the failure of sharing with other devices is a real pity. When users need to transmit photos […]

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How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to Android

April 6, 2017 Annie

The increasing use of WhatsApp in everyday communication and the rapid advancement of Android devices has made it easier for people to transfer WhatsApp chat messages and attachments between Android devices. So, if you are having problems transferring your WhatsApp messages, Don’t Worry! This article will help you migrate your WhatsApp data to your new […]

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