Android Settings

How to Connect Android Phone to Computer

March 5, 2018 Annie

Android USB Connection options: MTP, PTP, MIDI Connecting Android Phone to PC or Mac Instructions While Connecting to a Mac How to Set MTP Mode as Default USB Connection Type Android USB Connection options: MTP, PTP, MIDI To connect your Android phone to a computer, you have to tell your phone what kind of a […]

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How to Use Do Not Disturb Mode on Samsung Galaxy

January 24, 2018 Annie

The Do Not Disturb mode is a feature on the Samsung Galaxy and Note phones that allows you to take control of alerts and notifications you get on your phone, at specific times. For example, if your phone is constantly interrupting your sleep with notifications, calls and messages that are not urgent you can turn […]

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How to Move Apps on Your Android Phone to an SD Card

January 22, 2018 Annie

When buying a new Android phone, storage space is one of the important factors one has to consider. Most of these devices come with less than 32GB of internal memory, and a large chunk of that is taken up by the OS and preloaded software. The remaining storage isn’t really enough to save lots of […]

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How to Clear the App Data and Cache on Your Android

January 9, 2018 Annie

If you have used your Android smartphone for a while, then, it’s definite that you have ever been a victim of this common problem; misbehaving apps. The most common recommendations we usually get is about clearing the App data and the cached data. The fact is that these are two sure ways of dealing with […]

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How to Manage App Permission on Android without Root Access

January 3, 2018 Annie

App permissions are basically the actions that an application can carry out once it has been installed on your phone. All the software you have installed on your device and all the sensors that it has can access information from your device. Applications in your device use these permissions to function. Since the new updates […]

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