Can I Backup Samsung Galaxy Text Messages

Even the most reliable Android phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/S4 etc. cannot avoid losing data including the important one, text messages. When you mistakenly tap on the delete button, format, or perform the factory settings to your Samsung Galaxy, your text messages will be deleted. As the saying goes, “be prepared for danger”. Your Samsung SMS Backup is prepared to prevent your SMS from being permanently lost.


But backup isn’t always so easy, sometimes you need to be busy in transferring the data to computer manually, hence a question arises: can I back up text messages? Of course, you can use Samsung account, SMS Backup+ and the toolkit for Android Data Backup & Restore to back up text messages. Next, we are going to discuss the three methods.

Samsung SMS

Part 1: Back Up Samsung Galaxy Text Messages to Samsung Cloud
Part 2: Backup Samsung Galaxy Text Messages to PC using Android Data Backup & Restore
Part 3: Backup Samsung Galaxy Messages with SMS Backup & Restore App

Back Up Samsung Galaxy Text Messages to Samsung Cloud

Samsung gives its users a special path to back up their data including text messages. Just need a Samsung account and setup process, and Samsung cloud will automatically backup all SMS data from Samsung’s mobile phone to Samsung cloud. We summarize the steps of the whole process for you.


Note: Some of the Samsung devices do not have the SMS backup features, this feature vary for different devices model and the carrier version.


Step 1: Login your Samsung Account on your Samsung Galaxy.

Go to Settings > Cloud and Account > Accounts > Samsung account > Add account, log in your Samsung account with email and password. You can create one if you don’t have.


Step 2: Then, go back to “Cloud and Account” and tap “Samsung Cloud”.

Tap the Backup Settings, tick on Messages (SMS).


Step 3: Turn on the “Auto back up” switch for your Samsung Galaxy to backup SMS automatically. Or, you can tap “Back up now” to backup Samsung SMS manually.

Samsung Cloud Backup SMS

NOTE: Auto SMS backup only start when your phone has been connect to the Wi-Fi network and is charging with the screen turned off.

Backup Samsung Galaxy Text Messages to PC using Android Data Backup & Restore

The second solution is to back up messages using the Android Data Backup & Restore Toolkit.


Lots of people are benefiting from this useful toolkit with a feature of backup all kinds of Android phone data. Text message on your Samsung could be easily backed up to PC, and you can access them whenever you want and restore them to your Galaxy or any other Android device. Even you don’t restore the backed-up messages to a device, you can still preview them by this toolkit.
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Step 1: Run Android Data Backup & Restore Toolkit on computer. Click on the feature “Data Backup & Restore”.


Step 2: Establish the connection between your Samsung Galaxy and your computer by USB cable. Then click on the Backup button on the program.

Connect Android to Backup & Restore

Note that you should have enabled the USB debugging first. Follow the instructions if you haven’t turned it on.

Android 6.0 Enable USB Debugging

Step 3: Choose the file type, here you should tick “Messaging” from the list. Then click “Backup” at the bottom corner.

Select Data to Backup

Step 4: Message backup will start and last for a few minutes. Please stay your Samsung Galaxy, do not use it during waiting for the process. Not a moment, you will gain the message that backup is completed. What you should do is to check the backup by clicking “View backup” button. The messages should be there.

Android Data Backup Compeleted

To view the backup text messages

You can view your backup text messages in the software at any time, just click “Data Backup & Restore” from dashboard and click on “view the backup history” in the buttom.

Android Backup & Restore Main

Then choose a backup file to view the content.

Android Backup History

Now you can view the content of your backup file by ticking on specific file type in the left window.

Android Backup Text Messages Download WinDownload Mac

Backup Samsung Galaxy Messages with SMS Backup & Restore App

In addition to the above, there is a solution to back up your SMS with an application called SMS Backup & Restore.
Read on to see how to create a new backup of messages.

Step 1: First of all, install the App SMS Backup & Restore on your Galaxy from Google Play Store.


Step 2: Launch the app and tap on BACKUP.

Then a pop up occurs saying “Create New Backup”, edit the name of the backup so as to check and view it afterward. Read the options clearly and select them for your preference. Tap OK.

SMS Backup Resetore App

Step 3: After the Samsung SMS data backup process completes, tap on “Close” or “Ok” to finish.
SMS backup is completed now. To restore them you just need to tap on RESTORE on the first screen.


The disadvantage of SMS Backup & Restore App is that what you got is a backup file so that you cannot preview the backed up messages, unless you restore them to your Android device first.


So, these are the three ways SMS can be backed up on Samsung Galaxy. While Samsung account backups to cloud, Data Backup & Restore Toolkit (Software which is to be installed and used on computers) backups SMS to computer and view on the program, and the SMS Backup & Restore (App which is to be used to on phone) backups messages to the app data.
The second one, Android Data Backup & Restore allows you to view your backup SMS whenever you want. The other two methods cannot provide this service so you have to restore them to your device to view.

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