4 Solutions to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to iPhone

It’s not surprising that iPhone users keep upgrading their phone when a new generation of iPhone launches. Many people complain that they lose all their WhatsApp chat history every time they buy a new iPhone. Some of them just leave alone the information loss, while others, maybe the majority, still feel confused when they have to transfer WhatsApp messages between two generations of iPhone. Are you stuck with the same problem now? If so, lucky for you, I will offer you four solutions to help you out of this headache. Please see below.

Method 1: Transfer WhatsApp Messages By iCloud Backup
Method 2: Through WhatsApp Transfer for iOS
Method 3: Restore WhatsApp Conversations via iTunes Backup
Method 4: Transmit iPhone WhatsApp Messages via iCloud Backup

Method 1: Transfer WhatsApp Messages By iCloud Backup

The method introduced first is through WhatsApp iCloud Backup. Make sure you have iCloud backup function for iPhone enabled on both your phones. The process is easy but you may face the risk of overwritten data.


Step 1: On your old iPhone, open WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > click on Backup Now.
Note: The backup process may take a while, so remain patient.

Whatsapp Back up Chats by iCloud

Step 2: On your new iPhone, after installment of WhatsApp, log in with the same phone number through verification. You will be promoted to restore your chat histories, and the last step is to tap the confirmation button.

WhatsApp Restore iniPhone

Method 2: Through WhatsApp Transfer for iOS

In my opinion, the best way to transmit WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to iPhone is by using this software – WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore because it has no restricted condition and you don’t need to worry the leakage of your personalized privacy. Furthermore, the specialty of this app must be its safe-time and user-friendly operation. Let’s follow the easy operational procedures and appreciate its powerful function thereinafter.
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Step 1: Install this software – WhatsApp Transfer, launch it, and click the feature named “Backup & Restore” from the main interface.

iOS Backup Restore

Next, plug your iPhone into computer.

Backup Connect Computer

Step 2: Wait for a while for the software to detect your phone.
Now on the left side, select the “WhatsApp Backup & Restore” option. Then click on “Transfer WhatsApp messages” icon on the window.

Whatsapp Transfer Backup Restore

Step 3: Use USB lines to connect both of your iPhones to the PC. If there is a reversal of the source device and the destination device, you can click the icon “Flip” to adjust the positions.
Note: Pay attention to the orange warning sentence “The WhatsApp chat history on your device will be wiped out”, so I recommend you to backup the WhatsApp messages in your destination phone before you decide to transfer.

Whatsapp Transfer Connect

Whatsapp Transfer Overwrite
Step 4: Click the blue button at the lower right-hand corner to start transfer, and click “Yes” in the popup window to confirm this action. When another popup window appears, the transfer process has been completed.

Whatsapp Transfer Complete

Note: The transfer process may take a bit of time and it will take longer if the number of your WhatsApp messages is considerable.

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Method 3: Restore WhatsApp Conversations via iTunes Backup

iTunes can restore all iPhone data from the old iPhone to the new one, including WhatsApp chats. If you use this method, all current data on your new iPhone will be covered or erased during the transfer process. I make it clear so as not to confuse you and cause any data loss. So if your iPhone is newly purchased, I will recommend using this way; if it is not, it is better to use other ways introduced above.


Step 1: On your computer, download the correct version of iTunes and launch it.
Step 2:  Connect your old iPhone to the computer via USB and then in the interface of iTunes, choose File → Devices →Back Up.

iTunes Backup

Step 3: Connect your new iPhone to the computer via USB and when you are prompted to set it up, select the option “Restore from iTunes Backup”, then the new iPhone will be backed up with data from your old iPhone.


Step 4: On your new iPhone, install WhatsApp, and log in with the same phone number through verification. You will be promoted to restore your chat histories, make sure you have clicked the confirmation button, and then you will get access to your previous conversations on your new iPhone.

Method 4: Transmit iPhone WhatsApp Messages via iCloud Backup

iCloud Backup makes a copy of almost all you data on your iPhone including app data like WhatsApp chat history, nonetheless, music or videos are excluded. This way is also only appropriate for transferring WhatsApp conversations to the newly purchased iPhone because all data will be conducted covering operations instead of merely restoring WhatsApp messages. To start this transfer process of WhatsApp messages, you need to backup your data firstly. I have to tell that only 5GB free space is provided, so if your data is larger than 5GB, you have to choose another solution. Next, I will show you the process step by step.


Step 1: Open your old iPhone and click these options one by one, Settings → iCloud→ Backup, turn on the iCloud Backup and tap the blue phrase “Back Up Now “.

iCloud Backup

Note: The backup process will cost you some time, so you should keep patient.


Step 2: In order to check the backup files, you should return back to the iCloud page, and click Storage → Manage Storage. The backup you just made should appear with the correct date and backup size.

iCloud Backup Manage

Step 3: Open your new iPhone, sign in the same iCloud account and when you are setting up the phone, select the option of “Restore from iCloud backup”. You’ll be prompted to choose the backup data, so select the one that you just have created.


Step 4: After installment and login of WhatsApp, you will find that your chat histories can be viewed on the new iPhone.
Note: The phone number you logged into the WhatsApp on the new iPhone should be exactly the same with it on the old iPhone.


There are many solutions to the problem of moving WhatsApp messages between two iPhone, and I show you four ways, which are respectively through WhatsApp iCloud Backup, WhatsApp Transfer, iTunes Backup and iCloud Backup. Compared with iTunes Backup and iCloud Backup,WhatsApp Transfer is simple to use with just one click, and it won’t cause accidental coverage of other data on iPhone. That’s why I recommend the third-party software – WhatsApp Transfer so strongly. I hope you are able to choose the best way based on your reality and solve the problem after reading the specific instructions we offer. Last but not least, your suggestions or comments are welcomed.

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