Android Tips & Tricks

How to Delete a Sent WhatsApp Message after Delivered on iPhone and Android

April 11, 2018 Annie

When having conversations via WhatsApp, be it with your significant other, your close friends or whoever the case may be, the fact is that the rapid, on-the-fly nature of instant messaging is such that, sooner or later, most of us are bound to make mistakes. And few mistakes are more embarrassing (or even potentially fatal […]

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How to Hide Photos, Videos and Files Using Samsung Private Mode

March 21, 2018 Annie

Latest Samsung Galaxy phones and Galaxy tablets have an excellent option to enhance the privacy of the users which is called ‘Private Mode’. If you would like keep your private data including photos and videos locked Private mode is the right option for you. This is the 2nd step locking for some specific gallery items […]

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How to Take Samsung Galaxy Screenshoot and Share, View and Edit

March 16, 2018 Annie

Samsung Galaxy has unlimited capabilities of taking screenshots. And what is good you can be able not only to view the screenshot but also to edit it and share it with over the various available social media platforms. This page features Samsung Galaxy screenshots. How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy How to View […]

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Hide and Encrypt Your Photos, Files, and Apps Using Samsung Secure Folder

March 14, 2018 Annie

Samsung has recently added a new feature to its phone in order to hide and encrypt your personal data. Samsung secure folder (Knox) is a special feature present in Samsung Galaxy S/Note/A Series (Samsung S9/S8/S7, Note 8, A9/A7/A5). It is like a personal space on your smartphone that has been encrypted to hold data and […]

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How to Share a Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android Phone

March 7, 2018 Annie

How to share your Android phone’s mobile data connection with laptops, tablets and other devices. It is quite easy to establish a Wi-Fi hotspot if one is intending to share phone’s data connection with some other devices such as a tablet, PC or even Mac. Android possesses various Wi-Fi capabilities and the ways in which it […]

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How to Free up Space on Your Android Device

January 11, 2018 Annie

Some things, though minor can be very annoying, and of them is having your phone give you the “Phone memory full” error message whenever you try to install an app, take a picture, download a video or a game, just to name but a few. This is quite annoying, and once this happens especially if […]

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How to Speed Up Your Android Phone

December 31, 2017 Annie

Smartphones have made our lives very easy and simple. Today we can do so many things with our mobile phones. The days of just receiving and making calls or sending and receiving SMSes or MMSes are long gone. Now your mobile phone is a lot more than just a regular phone. With new features, designs, […]

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