How to Unlock Your iPhone on AT&T with 3 Methods

When you purchase an iPhone from AT&T, it will be automatically be locked to only AT&T network. Basically, it means that you’ll be restricted to using AT&T network in that, if you put-in Other T-Mobile SIM cards on your iPhone, they will not work. However, you can unlock your iPhone if you wish to change to other Mobile Networks or carriers. By unlocking your iPhone, you’ll be able to have wider accessibility (accessed to other carriers/networks).

AT&T has come up with various methods into which their customers can request a code for unlocking their AT&T iPhones. Though, there are certain requirements as well as some restrictions that you’re required to be up-to-date with or rather confirm to successfully unlock your iPhone and they include;

Unlock AT&T iPhone

Requirements for Unlocking iPhone from AT&T
Method 1# How to unlock AT&T iPhone by AT&T device unlock-portal
Method 2# Unlocking AT&T iPhone using
Method 3# Unlocking AT&T iPhone using other 3rd -party service

Requirements for Unlocking iPhone from AT&T

1. The phone in question must-be locked to AT&T


2. It should not be reported as a stolen or even lost phone


3. It should not be associated with illegal or rather fraudulent activities.


4. The iPhone’s service commitments, as well as installments plans, should be up-to-date thus, fully paid and with no arrears or defaults in payment plans.


5. You’ll have to wait for 14-days after upgrading your iPhone to be illegible to unlock your iPhone.


Here are three methods in which you can use to unlock your AT&T iPhone to enable you use it in other Mobile carriers or network apart from AT&T Network. These
processes basically entail unlocking your iPhone to accept all SIM cards from different Mobile carriers or Network. They include;

Method 1# How to unlock AT&T iPhone by AT&T device unlock-portal

It’s not guaranteed that if you go through with this process, your iPhone will be successfully unlocked. It all depends with the AT&T; they have the right to deny you any request hence additional steps may be required to be completed in order for the request to be accepted. However, according to AT&T, they
claim to respond to any request that relates to unlocking AT&T-iPhone within 2-business day

How to request for an unlock-code from AT&T

Step 1. Go to AT&T site and contact them

· Using any browser, go to This is their official web page in which you can now contact them.

· On the webpage, a list of eligibility requirement will appear and you’ll be required to read as well as agreed to all of them by clicking agreed (tick) before clicking “Continue”.
· Thereafter, you’ll fill-up the request form that also include personal details about you such as wireless number or rather contact details.


Step 2. Email Confirmation

· You will receive the unlock-request code through your email

· Using the provided link in your email, you’ll be required to click on it within 24-hours after receiving the code for your unlock-request to be accepted officially.


Step 3. Response

· As stated on their website, they will respond back to your request within 2 business days.

· They can either declaim or accept your request. If your request is successful, AT&T will send further instruction to you regarding “how-to-unlock your iPhone”. However, if it happens that they have declined your request, often, they give a reason for their actions.

On instances, it’s either you haven’t meet their requirements or there are certain details missing thus they require additional information or details to complete your request in which, you’ll need to send or forward to them to enable them complete your unlock request.

Method 2# Unlocking AT&T iPhone using is one of the best iPhone Unlock Services in which iPhone owners can factory unlock their phones that works on any OS without jailbreaking. The most amazing thing with this unlock service is that, it has a very unique and cool feature whereby, you will never get worried about iOS-upgrade or rather syncing it to iTunes since your iPhone will never-be e-locked.


In addition, your warranty will always remain intact. Here are the steps o follow in-order to unlock your iPhone via this iPhone unlock service.


Step 1. Using any browser, click on the official website


Step 2. On the webpage, select your iPhone model as well as the network carrier in which your iPhone is locked to. You’ll be directed to another page after successfully filling in the above details.


Step 3. After you have followed the page-instructions in-order to finish the order; iPhone IMEI will shortly submit your iPhone-IMEI to the carrier-provider as well as whitelist your device from Apple-database.


Step 4. Often it takes between 1-5 days to receive a response. After it is unlocked, you’ll receive an email notification from them.

Method 3# Unlocking AT&T iPhone using other 3rd -party service

For those who do not want to go through the long hassle to have your AT&T-iPhone unlocked, you can do so with a 3rd party. Majorly, there are three services that offer such services which include;, Unlockpolice as well as Unlock Authority. They will help you to get your iPhone unlocked in a shorter period and more conveniently.

Here are the steps to follow in order to successfully unlock your iPhone.


Step 1. Using any browser, just type on any of the above stated iPhone-unlocking services. On the web-page, select your iPhone model as well as the carrier Network in which your iPhone is currently locked-in.


Step 2. Enter your iPhone IMEI-number. (Settings-General-About)


Step 3. Thereafter, Click on “Unlock Now” and then, you’re required to make the payments in-order to place the order. After the payment is done, it’s all done and your iPhone will be successfully unlocked thus the service will send a confirmation email to you.


It can be hectic and challenging when it comes to finding out on “how to unlock your iPhones on AT&T” more-so if you have no idea on where to look. Both the above-mentioned methods provide legitimate means in which you can unlock your AT&T iPhone from not only using the AT&T network but with other network carriers as well.

By unlocking your iPhone, your Smartphone will be able to receive as well as work using other Network carriers. They will no longer be restricted to using AT&T Network alone. However, based on customers’ reviews and ratings on the best unlocking 3rd party service for unlocking iPhone; dr.fone, UnlockPolice and UnlockBoot, have proven to be the best alternative service to use.


They provide a much smoother, efficient as well as quicker alternative to contact the AT&T carriers. In addition, AT&T entails too many checks as well as requisites in place thus they can prevent your iPhone from being-unlocked. Although, you can pass the requisites but the whole process is time-consuming and sometimes may be rejected still as AT&T has the authority to do so. By going through a 3rd party unlocking service, it gives one complete agency as well as conveniently as AT&T unlocks your iPhone without any data-loss just by using the above three-step process.