How to Use Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

WhatsApp has provided a security layer to its user’s named two-steps verification. An additional step to enhance the security of WhatsApp account. It is a small process that generates a pin number while registering your mobile number with WhatsApp. In the market, many people use iPhone or Android mobile phones and this feature is compatible with both though the process is a bit change as Apple software is different from Android only in layout form.

Two Step Verification WhatsApp

Enabling WhatsApp two-step verification on iPhone and Android
Disabling WhatsApp two step-verification
Change the email address in two-step verification in WhatsApp
Pros and Cons of two-step verification in WhatsApp for its users

Enabling WhatsApp two-step verification on iPhone and Android

Steps are same for both iPhone and Android, the only difference lies in the layout of WhatsApp application.


Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app on your iPhone

Step 2:

iPhone: At the right bottom corner you will see a “setting” option select it by tapping on it and then tap on “account” option.

Two Step Verification WhatsApp 1

Android: On the top right corner you will see three vertical dots. Tap the dots a drop menu will appear select “setting” on that option and select the “account” option.


Step 3: In the account option you will see a “Two-step verification” option there tap it.

Two Step Verification WhatsApp 2

Step 4: A lock sign will be there with an “enable” option under it. Tap the enable option.

Two Step Verification WhatsApp 3

Step 5: After enabling it a screen will pop asking a “six-digit passcode”. Enter a code that you can remember easily as it will be asked later while verifying this two-step verification. After entering the code tap next and reenter the passcode just for confirmation purpose.

Two Step Verification WhatsApp 4

Step 6: An optional thing that this process will ask is “email verification”. It’s optional if you do not want to enter it skip it. Highly recommended is to enter an email address in case you forgot your passcode your email can help in reviving it. Further, it makes your account more secure. After entering email address tap next and enter the email address and then tap done.

Two Step Verification WhatsApp 5

Now the two-step verification is activated and whenever you will register your phone number to WhatsApp that passcode is required to get access to all your backup WhatsApp data and contacts.

Disabling WhatsApp two step-verification

It is similar to enabling but requires lesser steps.

After launching WhatsApp go the setting option in the bottom right corner (iPhone) and top right corner 3 dots (android), tap “setting” then tap “account” and over there tap “two-step verification”. You will see a “disable” option there just tap it if you wanted to disable.

Two Step Verification WhatsApp 6

Change the email address in two-step verification in WhatsApp

A valid email address is a necessity for ensuring the security of all your mobile apps. Somehow by mistake, you have entered a wrong or invalid email address with your WhatsApp two-step verification process then there is no need to worry. In WhatsApp, you have an option to change your email address. Adding a valid email address in two-step verifications is important because it enhances security, the forgotten passcode can be revived and most importantly helps in reviving important backup created on WhatsApp messenger.


Below are the steps by for iPhone and Android users by following which you can change your email address if added invalid or wrong mistakenly:


Step 1: Launch WhatsApp messenger on your mobile phone.


Step 2:

iPhone: At the right bottom corner you will see a “setting” option select it by tapping on it.

Android: On the top right corner you will see three vertical dots. Tap them a drop menu will appear select “setting” on that option.


Step 3: Select “account” option from the setting menu.


Step 4: In account option, you will see a “two-step verification” option tap it.


Step 5: Now you will see a “change email address” option there tap it for changing the email id you entered earlier.

(you can also change your passcode by tapping “change passcode” option as well)

Two Step Verification WhatsApp 7

Step 6: Enter a valid “email address” and again enter it to confirm


Step 7: Press done and your email address is changed. Easy as that.

Now enjoy using your WhatsApp messenger with added security.

Pros and Cons of two-step verification in WhatsApp for its users

Though there are many advantages of having an added layer of security yet there always are few disadvantages of having layers and layers of security. Below are few pros and cons that were identified after using two-step verifications on WhatsApp.


· Added security to your account, makes it safer to use and enhance the credibility of the application.


· Passcode allows you to access your WhatsApp on another device after verification.


· Restrict the access of unwanted persons on other phones.


· Email option entertains the passcode revival which is an ease if someone forgets the passcode.


· If someone mistakenly enters an invalid email address and wanted to recover a passcode then it’s not possible. The person will lose his or her WhatsApp account within 7 days. WhatsApp will restrict the access of an individual if forgotten passcode and not added a valid email id.


That’s why it is highly recommended to use an authentic email address for the verification process, not only for WhatsApp but for other purposes too.


· You will lose your account if you reverify your number and do not enter the correct code. A new account will appear and will delete the old one attached to the number. In this, you must again enter your data which is status id and mobile number. All your backup will be lost.


· Two-step verification is a safe thing but it always asks for the passcode you entered for authentication purpose. This frequent pop up is likely to annoy the user. And more likely people disable the option though having lots of benefits.


· There is always risk and threats associated with your email id. Although WhatsApp assures it won’t use it other than verification yet the risk is always there that can enhance security issues associated with your email.


There are enormous benefits of having a WhatsApp account. As one can share his or her life events by sharing a status, can stay connected with loved ones, video and audio chats make it easier for connecting with people living abroad, sharing pictures and videos also aiding people. In many ways, WhatsApp is helping individuals to stay connected either personally or professionally (sharing document option). One should know all the details of mobile application usage, security, and benefits. Providing awareness of two-step verification is vital and applying it on not rely on person completely. One should know what harms and benefits are associated with it and then use it accordingly to stay more safe and secure in the future.